Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #129, #130, #131, #132, #133, and #134

by Prince Of Petworth August 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm 57 Comments


“Say hi to Archie. AKA Baby Archie, Archibald von Fluffenbaum, Archenmeyer, or die Knuddelmonster in German. He’s a 10-yr-old Turkish Angora kitty. We got Archie last April when his previous owners turned him out in favor of two new dogs who didn’t like him. He lived outside, under porches and in storm drains, for over 8 months. A kind neighbor found him, and nursed him back to health. She says he was covered in dirt and tar, and was half the size he is now. Archie likes the simple things in life. He likes to sit in the window, he likes to sleep in the sun, and he likes to curl up on you and fall asleep. Archie LOVES people. Any people. As long as they pet him. He follows us about and talks to us regularly, just in case we look in danger of forgetting he’s here. Vote Archie! Cuddly kitty extraordinaire!”


“The all white one is Jocelyn, and my friend had her for a year and decided that she needed a boyfriend, so she took her to the shelter where they met Lance, and after a bunny speed-date, Lance was adopted too. As you can see, they have become pretty close!”


“Our gal Mollie is a 2 year old lab mixed with


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