Washington, DC

Where are the Dog Water Fountains in DC, originally uploaded by Wayan Vota.

Dog Taxi and I love to go for long runs around the city, but now that summer is here, its quickly apparent that sweat glands are superior to panting – Dog Taxi is starting to lag behind after the third mile. To compensate, I like to stop for her to get a drink of water and cool off for a minute. But often that brings me to a big challenge: doggy water locations in DC.

Here, Dog Taxi is drinking from the doggy fountain at Walter Pierce Park – the only dog-specific water fountain I know of. Other times, she’s colling off in random mud puddles or I run through Rock Creek, where Taxi loves to tackle Rock Creek ripples But I’d love to expand my running routes across town.

Where else might she lap up cool water on a hot day?


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