Washington, DC

American University Sign, originally uploaded by easement.

This week’s FQoTD is gonna be of the purely random variety. I happened to be at a conference earlier this week near American University. I got a Masters in International Affairs at AU and it got me thinking. Obviously as an aspiring full time blogger my graduate degree is not going to be too useful. Even for my “regular” jobs I think learned more from internships and my own reading than I did from class work. Don’t get me wrong I had some great professors, took some interesting classes, met great folks but, as you know, grad school ain’t cheap.

A few of my friends are lawyers who hated their law jobs and are now very content working in different capacities. Many of my younger colleagues are thinking of going to grad school and I’ve been wondering if it’s really worth it. I mean if you know you want to practice law or become a doctor then of course it makes sense. But I’m wondering about your experiences. Do you think your graduate degree was worth the money? Has it helped you in your career?


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