Washington, DC


Thanks to a reader for sending the word on this cool space. I was lucky enough to run into owner, Lisa Fricano, who told me she was “holding out for something special” on the retail space. She’d love to see it turn into a bookstore or an art space. And what’s super cool is that she is a big fan of the history of the building. She told me it was once a disco in the 70s called “The Jerk”. Too cool. Building on her love of history she has placed historic pictures and items in the front window.

I also love the copper:


You can pick up a postcard of the spot that has a picture from 1931 on the front and a poem about the building on the back:

A hardworking gal in her prime
Times a comeback for 2009,
Her vacant-eyed slumber
Didn’t soften her lumber,
And her penny is now worth a dime.

Much lamented by those who had seen her,
While around her Shaw’s main streets got cleaner,
She drew on reserve,
To renew and preserve,
Her unconventional, centered demeanor.

Lots more photos after the jump.




The sign above is from is from 1946:




There’s even a really faded sweet city sign on the side:



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