Get Ready For the News That Will Overjoy Half the Readers and Infuriate the Other Half – Chipotle Coming to Columbia Heights!

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2009 at 10:07 pm 98 Comments

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Back in February we learned that the restaurant, Royal Blue, would not be coming to 3113 14th Street across the street from the DC USA mall.

Well, Chipotle has signed a letter of intent to take over the spot and details are being worked out with the lease. I’m not sure when they’ll be able to open but hopefully in a few months. I think this is great news. I seem to recall there are lots of Chipotle fans out there. I know the Chipotle in Woodley Park always seems to be crowded. So what do you guys think – do you like the addition of Chipotle to Columbia Heights? Man, I can’t hide it, I’m pretty psyched!

UPDATE: This location will be serving beer.


  • DC

    This is old news. A friend told me about it at brunch today…

  • saf

    And baffle the third half. Why? Do they think the neighborhood has become suburban enough to support that? We already have much better Mexican food!

  • GeorgiaAve

    I am pretty anti-chain but am pretty excited to hear about Chipotle – great news!

  • NAB

    I love chipotle but there are more interesting options in the ‘hood already. Ercilia’s, TDF, Sabroso. Don’t think it would get much business from me.

  • I’m not going to pretend that I don’t love some Chipotle, but in Columbia Heights? You have so many better, cheaper, local options right down the street. At the same time, I have no doubt that it will always be busy…

  • Not telling

    IMO, ‘better’ is subjective. Does better mean ‘made by someone from Central or South American country’ or ‘free range hormone-free”, two name just two criteria. I’m happy to see Chipotle come to the area. I have no idea if Columbia Heights a good neighborhood for that chain to set up shop. Its better than an empty storefront though.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! I love some of the current options, but I love the option to grab me a big burrito on the way home, too. I’m guessing Chipotle will do really well in CH.

  • Jill

    Best news ever! I love me some Chipotle!

  • Rex North

    Sign me up for a burrito once a week! Great news!

  • thewillofdc

    OMG this is amazing news! i am very excited and i hope it opens asap!

  • JT

    Great news – a good addition the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Just to get this out of the way early (as it always seems to come up when speaking of the place) – No, Chipotle isn’t owned by McDonalds. http://www.chipotlefan.com/index.php?id=chipotlemcdonalds

  • DrewLove

    Whoo Hoo! I tried to get some Chipotle last Thursday down at Gallery Place around 130P, the line was around the entire inside and out the door. Now I can wait in line closer to home. It’s one of the few chain restaurants that gets my enthusiastic approval.

  • Good news! I can’t wait!

  • 14th n’ otis

    This is great news. Love Chipotle because it is always fresh and fast.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Chipotle is coming — it’s a fine lunch every now and then — BUT for those of you already signing up for weekly business at the place, please do yourself and the ‘hood a favor and take a short walk up 14th Street to Taqueria Distrito Federal. Best burrito in town. And local. My main concern with news like this is that ends up being subtraction by addition.

  • Richard

    Please consider two difference audeinces: First we have folks who are going shopping and will grab a quick bite. Perhaps that are coming from the metro and won’t venture north past Park. So This is a good thing for them.

    For the local group, I think we may pass by here for the quickness. However, the good places (Haydees, El Rincon..whatever and both of them, etc) will stay around.

  • Anonymous

    About time, they would do well with a location on U Street as well.

  • Anonymous

    If CH is “suburban enough” for Target and Best Buy, then the neighborhood is certainly ready for a Chipotle.

  • Robert Oriole

    What’s your source??? I’d love to see this happen.

  • PetworthRes

    @Anonymous 8:37, you have it right. I also doubt that all the Latinos in the neighborhood are going to somehow ditch the local restaurants for Chipotle. Overall, all the giant chain stores in the neighborhood are increasing the shoppers & foot traffic in the neighborhood, and all these places will do better.

  • PetworthRes

    @Anonymous 8:15am – plus CH feature plenty of hipsters who will keep going to the neighborhood spots to feel authentic!

  • RD

    I’ve been waiting for this. TDF is good, but it’s completely different than Chipotle. Sometimes I just crave Chipotle.

  • Hoodrat

    holy awesome. i’m already setting myself a rule that i have to make one trip to the taqueria for every burrito bowl. but damn, i am going to get fat quickly

  • Will they have beer? Some do and some don’t. I hope this one does.

  • Anonymous

    Quick, somewhat healthy and reasonably priced dining options are needed in this area, so glad to see Chipotle will be opening.

  • Anonymous

    @9:36 … “somewhat” being the key word there. The grilled chicken burrito at Chipotle is north of 1300 calories. Ever since I learned that, my love affair with Chipotle has been somewhat tempered, kind of like what I imagine it’s like to realize you’re dating a hooker.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that bad healthwise if you opt for the bowl with little rice (or the salad) and without the sour cream and cheese.

  • Kalia

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! I was just complaining that there were no close chipotles

  • Anonymous

    cheights is lame. panda express, chipotle, when is walmart, shoe express coming Please tell me the difference between pentagon city and cheights- oh thats right you have Wonderland-the most generic “dive” I have ever seen with overplayed jb’s 70’s funk.

  • Solong

    Once again, the hipsters of CH and Petworth, though well intentioned, are whoefully uninformed. Chipotle started in Denver, where the “Mexican” food is about 100x better than anywhere in D.C., and they have obiviously been very successful. Most of the food in CH is more Central or South American, with Mexican thrown onto the signs. Also, if you go to the Chipotle Web site, you can build your own burrito and figure out a healthy combo for whatever you’re going for. You can get well under 1300 cal if you lay off the rice, or cheese, or sour cream. Use some common sense.

  • Hoodrat
  • Chipotle’s only “healthy” if you pass on the cheese, sour cream, and carbo-loaded burrito skin. The guac can be fatty as all hell, but it’s relatively good fat. Go with a Bol, extra beans instead of rice, and chicken and you’ve got a quarter as much fat as a loaded burrito.

    And yeah, this is geared more towards the “I’m only here to go to Target” crowd who might be scared of Latino restaurants where everybody speaks Spanish.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s hoping that all the big box stores opening on 14th St in Columbia Heights will drive the cool, local-owned places over to the Georgia Ave. revitalization…

  • m.e.

    c’mon….did Mickey D’s spell the end of GREAT LOCAL BURGER JOINTS? nope. not even Five Guys has done that. (Are they local or a chain, btw? a local chain??)

    Chipotle at Dupont Circle is a great hurry-up alternative to all the high-priced cafes and restaurants near the north metro stop: Circa, Sette, Kramerbooks, et al. somebody had to take over for Burrito Brothers when the bank grabbed that prime real estate by the metro. still, when i want DELICIOUS and authentic, i head north to El Tammy’s or Mixtec.

  • CH Kid

    The new Chipotle at Kenyon Square will be gangbusters. Why? How?


    There is no Chipotle located in Columbia Heights currently or any of the surrounding neighborhoods like Mt. Pleasant, Petworth, U Street, Parkview, etc. There is so much demand when you add these potential customers to the thousands of other out-of-neighborhood shoppers that frequent DC USA.

    You heard it here first, it will be gangbusters!

    It will increase foot traffic for the businesses already on that block and the surrounding blocks. Other businesses in the area will continue to given more and more opportunites to grab some of this foot traffic.

  • Jimmy D

    I am kind of indifferent. I know people swear by it. I may go once or twice, but I won’t be a regular. Not a hater. If I am in for a gut buster, I am hitting up Five Guys. I know you can make it less unhealthy, but that kind of defeats the purpose of places like these. I am sure it will do really well.

    I wish Royal Blue could have gone the distance, but I will take something in that spot over nothing at this point.

  • pru

    Finally!!! Great news.

  • Geezer

    I would just like so see the commercial wealth and interest spread a bit beyond the 3100 block of 14th Street. Kinda sad when on crosses Irving southbound., if not somewhat dangerous.

  • Cookietime420

    Chipoltle’s ok. I’m just glad the space will be occupied.

  • Stephanie

    Hooray! I am excited for the new edition, although I feel the attendance at WSC will increase even more.

  • Gentro Heights

    Dear POP,

    Can we please move this question and dialogue here deserves to go beyond our own personal conveniences and calorie consumption?

    With all due respect I think you’re being very short-sighted not just about Chipotle but about the overall economic development in Columbia Heights. Personally, I wish you’d have a bit more depth and long-term consideration when it comes to the potential community CH/Petworth could achieve.

    As you undoubtedly know, the strength of any community is the people and how much ‘control’ they have. This includes the economic prosperity. We would all benefit from having our community own the establishments that we frequent.

    Think about the current locations where a Chipotle is currently located. Are those locations you’d like to live? Maybe your answer is yes but it’s troubling how our community is slowly losing individuality and personality so we can have burritos or some sort of stamp that our community is worth investing in or residing.

    Also, I’ve seen comments about the hispanic community preferences as consumers but what about as business owners?I recently stopped in the antiques shop on Georgia Avenue near LGL and the new Charter School. Not only does he (his first name is Bill ) have some great treasures in but we also are reusing items and tamping down our consumerism. I asked him what it was like to be a business owner there as he’s in between a liquor store and the strip club, ‘The House’. No surprise he struggles. But we need people like him and we need to support him. I like nice furnishings as much as the next person but I’d rather have Bill there with his antiques than a pottery barn.

    I am curious how you view yourself and the service this site provides. Would you consider adding to your site or as a feature highlight the local businesses and owners? I’ve seen some interviews you’ve done previously with Yoga House and a few others but would you make it a regular feature?

    I hope you’ll continue to feature and embrace the importance of what it means to keep it local. Please let’s all consider what more we can do for local business owners and growth of a true community.

    Otherwise, in a few years time we may be reading about Petworth and Columbia Heights from some corporately owned and administered web site.

  • SG

    Gentro Heights, are you a regular reader? PoP constantly highlights local businesses with interviews and such.

  • Prince Of Petworth
  • Sully

    I have yet to find a Chipotle that serves K.A. margueritas like the one in Manassas. They will only serve you three. i had two the last time and found myself “napping” in Bull Run Battlefield Park. Good times.

  • Jimmy D

    Ditto SG – PoP does that pretty regularly (more than any other media outlet around town). I can’t speak for PoP, but he seems interested in expanding his readership and coverage. If he makes it, I would happily buy stock in his corporately owned and operated website.

  • Take 5

    Columbia Heights is lacking in Latino influenced food options so this is good news. I’m just glad its not another Italian or German restuarant

  • Anonymous

    Better than vacant store fronts.

  • Solong

    With all due respect to the keep it local crowd, the fact is that corporations have saved this city, and neighborhoods such as Chinatown, C-Heights, even Logan. The money either deirectly from community investment projects such as the Verizon Center, or indirectly such as the high paying jobs of the corporate attorneys and lobbyists that have bought and refurbished complte neighborhoods, is largely dependant on the ability of small business to grow. Chipotle is a great example of a neighborhood burrito joint (store #1 on the corner of the Univ. of Denver’s campus), growing successfully through corporate responsibility and a good product. Bringing a hot sauce store into Petworth, or another anitque shop, is not going to create enough jobs or raise the tax-base to a sufficient level to improve the schools, fight crime, provide public housing, subsidize health care, or otherwise pull this city out of the ditch it has fallen in many neighborhoods. The folks that have turned around Petworth are by and large not local business owners, nor do they frequent many of the mom and pop habberdasheries. You simply can’t have it both ways. Though I love a local coffee shop as much as the next guy, I am more happy to know that my Starbucks money is helping provide a liveable wage and a job with benefits to even the part-time workers. Not many local shops can do that.

  • Anonymous

    With this commitment from Chipotle, we’ll likely see other casual dining retailers opening up shop in coming months like Cosi and Chopt.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Cap Hill, where there is a constant dabate over local independents versus chain stores, of which there are some but definitely in the minority. I’m not much of a fan of the chains in CH, many of which are fast food, but the truth is that the stores largely co-exist and serve various clientelles seemlessly. As long as the chains don’t push out the local establishments via higher rents and dimishing customer base, this shouldn’t be viewed as a zero sum game.

    And I’d take a Chipotle nearby over a Subway or Quiznos anyday, even if I’m unlikely to visit any of those on a regular basis.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another nail in the coffin that will bury Columbia Heights and birth Tenley Town East.

    Yes, Chipotle will do very well. Yes, it’s better than an empty storefront. But if the developers didn’t have to make an extreme profit and require outrageous amounts of money in rent, you’d see more locally owned and operated businesses that add to a community rather than make it look just like every other community in the country.

    Chipotle is a success story and deserves credit for its shrewd business plan, but I’d much rather see lower rents, more local businesses and a more interesting, yet very functional community, than anywhere usa, which is were CH is headed quickly.

    I will walk the extra block or two to D.F. Tacos for my burritos and tacos and other good food. I will walk the extra block or two to Rinconcito for a beer and an enchilada or pupusa (which Chipotle doesn’t sell). I will shed a tear or two for the generic-izing of CH, which seems inevitable at this point. We all could have planned this better.

  • Nate

    The CHipotle and the MCD’s is what is killing chinatown. Ditto for the McD’s in Adams Morgan. I don’t imagine it will be any different in CH.

  • Pennywise

    As someone who lives way up Georgia Ave, I would f’ing kill for any sort of new development whatsoever. All our hoped for condos and corporate fronts are dead now, bankrupt dreams. I’d love any sort of investment and unshuttered storefronts. Unfortunately, that is probably years away, at best.

  • JR

    I’m happy to see this. Much better than vacant real estate. To all of those who think this will “kill” Columbia Heights, I think the market capture is much different for a place like this than for a local joint. As others have smartly pointed out, both can coexist.

    If you want to be “too cool for school”, move to a different neighborhood. Or Brooklyn.

  • T of the JTL

    I like Chipotle, but Q-Doba is even better. They have one downtown on E St, by the cinema. Bring the Q-dubs over in our hood, and leave Chipotle to the kids of Tenley.

  • Solong

    Nate- From previous posts, I assumed you were a long-time D.C. resident who has seen the redevelopment of N.W. since the last mayor opened the floodgates of development, for better or worse. Obviously you did not spend much time in Chinatown pre-redevelopment. The mix of chains and quality independants are what has made Chinatown sussessful, and sustainable. The crime of the area in the 80s and 90s is what caused many of the long-term Chnese owned establishments to relocate to the suburbs, and it has only been through the renewed presence of commercially driven foot traffic that the area has survived, albeit in a different form. Perhaps you would be more satisfied if the area had never seen the commercial boom that allowed a few places to survive along side places like McDs and was allowed to suffer a continous downward trend. Ironically, the areas that most exhibit your keep it local attitude are the folks that hang out in front of the McDs and Chipotle in Chinatown. Having lived in both Petworth, and Chinatown, I would say that competition breeds improved quality. No matter how bad I find service and quality in Chinatown, I know it is consistenly worse the further I go north on Georgia Ave..

  • Anonymous


    Chinatown has never been all that “Chinese”. There may be slightly fewer businesses, but it was never a particularly bustling Chinatown (see Flushing, NY for the real deal). As you state, the area was a drag for a number of reasons, including public safety and lack of amenities, but there was never a large scale Chinese resettling. Most of the suburban hubs (Rockville in particular) have evolved over years, not some version on ‘white flight’.

  • Solong

    I agree that the area was not a large Chinatown by the standard of other large cities, but you must remember that this area was also the second relocation of the Chinese community of the city. The main point I was making is that it took commercialization of this area to save what was a decaying area, and though some places have sold out or been pushed out due to higher property costs, at least some of the original tenants have remianed, and in many cases, several of my fellow landlords have invested in the condos that replaced the building they lived in as children, or their parents owned. If you get to know some of the remaining business owners, or have ever visited the cultural center, you would know that many of the shop owners and residents did indeed relocate for better schools and safety in the burbs. Crime and crack killed the area, not corporations. The same can be said for other areas of the city.

  • rdo

    @11:51–If I had a million dollars I’d be a millionaire. I’d like to see lower rents too (particularly for my apartment) but that’s not reality.

    In any event Moroni Bros. is better than Chipotle. Cue weekly pizza debate!

  • Anonymous

    The faux outrage over chain businesses (Read: former small businesses that became successful and decided to branch out) is actually pretty laughable. Since when did we start to vilify success and those who are successful?

  • Anonymous

    RDO, it’s not reality because it hasn’t been chosen as a reality. Nothing is stopping developers from making a huge profit instead of an obscene profit when they are holding out for the big chains. They will keep properties empty for months, or years, waiting for the big fish, thereby excluding local businesses that could come in now for good money, just not amazing money. Greed, pure and simple. It’s a choice, not a forgone conclusion.

    I agree that Moroni Brothers rocks.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone routes for the little guy but God forbid if the little guy gets too good.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the detractors are necessarily vilifying Chipotle, they would just rather have a different kind of business base in the neighborhood.

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    It is so very amusing to hear people who live in a good neighborhood bitch about yet another amenity. Empathy is a forgotten feeling in Columbia Heights.

  • saf

    And I find it funny to hear someone describe Chipoltle as an amenity and Columbia Heights as a good neighborhood.

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    Then apparently, saf, you don’t get out into the District too often.

  • Gentro Heights

    Following up from my previous post: it’s sad that some of you out there feel that these businesses are the savior of improving our communities. I’m all for success and for community improvement but what seems to be lacking is thoughtfulness about the implications of yet another chain in our midst.

    Also, thanks SG for pointing out how POP higlights local biz. I guess the enthusiasm for the chain stores worries me but I have seen PoP’s excitement for independent shops as well. So, you make a good point.

    Anonymous was right, I wasn’t assailing Chipotle but I just am hoping for some consideration about what this means for us. If it’s in fact true about their employment practices that’s a bonus but I have to admit I’m skeptical.

    I, too, would rather have a business than an unoccupied space or abandoned building. And, glad to know that Chipotle got its start as an independent business that’s exactly my point. Don’t we wonder what lead to that? How was that possible?

    Also, JR wrote about being “too cool for school” suggested a relocation to Brooklyn which, might not have been directed at me but this is not about being a hipster or being cool. It’s about allowing and fostering community prosperity with creativity, ingenuity and entrepeneurship.

  • Jimmy D

    PoP just updated the above: Chipotle will have beer. Nice.

    I am surprised this thread hasn’t turned to the many ways people butcher the pronunciation of Chipotle. I have heard it as chi-pot-el and chi-pol-te (really where did that come from?), both make me cringe.

  • Robert Oriole

    Again, where’s the source of all this??? Don’t get me wrong PoP has a good track record but this is a pretty long thread for some unsupported information.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a positive feedback loop. The more people who comment, the more likely the chances that other readers will click on the link to see what all of the chatter is about and then the more likely it is that they will contribute!

  • emma d.

    @Pennywise: Word!!! The worst, in my opinion, is the income tax preparers’ bonanza – dead storefronts 9 months out of the year, and they’re everywhere.

  • saf

    Wow, Florida Ave. just wow.

    I live in Petworth and I work in the city, across all 8 wards. As a matter of fact, I rarely get out OF the District. Oh, and before you call me a newcomer, I’ve been here a good long time.

  • Neener

    As you undoubtedly know, the strength of any community is the people and how much ‘control’ they have. This includes the economic prosperity. We would all benefit from having our community own the establishments that we frequent.

    ooh, pretty fascinating proposal.

    This is why I don’t think it’s true:

    Mom and Pop places more often than not do not have a business plan together that serves the community. Those that do, let’s say the old Burrito Brothers, Five Guys and related local restaurants thrive. Those that don’t- think almost any Chinese Food/Wings/Subs place- don’t thrive.

    I happen to love that Radius and Pete’s A Pizza moved in and I support them with my money. I also buy from Burrito’s Fast. However Burrito’s Fast is significantly lamer than Chipotle and no amount of suggestions to the people behind the counter has resulted in change.

    Therefore, I cannot, should not and will not feel a kinship or any kind of relationship to someone who lives locally and serves a local clientele who is not capable of nimbly changing their business process to fit the community. Smallness should equal business agility. If it doesn’t then it’s a mismanaged business filled with inefficiencies and there’s no possible reason to want to pay for inefficiency when the quality is the same.

    Every one of the small junk shops on Mt Pleasant St could compete with Target, but they aren’t. Note that Mt Pleasant stores like “El West,” Ercilias, the Raven and others compete favorably with Columbia Heights.

    Then come the stores where the owner decides to move to the suburbs- how local is that anyhow.

    That’s why locality doesn’t matter to me anymore.

  • Econ101

    If I see one more anti-commercialization post on pop, I may have to move. The anti-gentrifiers love to rant on how the common man is being shut out, while typing in their macbook pro made in china while wearing their che tshirts and chuck ts made in Haiti . Do you really think your nonprofit job is what’s driving the economy? Do you realize the freecycling and shopping at thrift stores is not only killing domestic lumber and furniture industries as well as slowing growth in third world nations? How can you be so selfish.

  • Chris Donatelli

    Hello – it is the developer of the Kenyon Square bldg, Chris Donatelli. It is interesting and encouraging to read the response to the coming Chipotle. Please keep the suggestions coming for our remaining storefront in the Highland Park bldg in Columbia Heights and for Park Place in Petworth. Thanks!

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    saf, since you get out and about, can you not see how pleasant many of us in less economically blessed areas would find all that Columbia Heights has to offer these days?

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    Chipotle included (as the barbacoa soft tacos are delightful)

  • SG

    Chris- Any news on the few commericial storefronts your company won the RFP on on Georgia Ave? Would love to see those filled with restaurant/bar uses!

  • SG

    PS Chris- keep up the good work on the high-quality buildings. It is refreshing to see a developer not use the cheapest possible materials (Union Row being another good example of a great building)

  • Pennywise

    Again, I would sell my soul for 1/10th of what Columbia Heights has. I am psyched for a Julias Empanadas up on Georgia and Sheridan. Nothing else is happening up there, we got no city investment funds (thanks Bowser!), and private investors have all backed out. I am sorry the city is either boom or bust, but trust me, you’re lucky to have boom. Bust is nothing, endless boarded up shops destroyed in 1968, smatterings of carry outs, several money laundering joints, and many hair salons. Nothing but love for these businesses (cept he launderers) of course, but they are lost in the endless boarded up shops. Its sad and disgusting and horrid, especially when you high-on-the-hog folks are griping about the indignity of Chipotle.

    And you’re reading a blog run by a guy who loves Taco Bell, for crying out loud! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Chris, how about offering a substantial rent discount for locally owned and operated businesses?

  • Anonymous

    And Chris, how about no more bars and restaurants, we have enough of those already!

  • Naomi

    When I lived in WP I used to go to Chipotle pretty often but there wasn’t that many mexican options. Its good that the space will be occupied but I doubt I will go very often as there are already alot of good places to eat.

  • PetworthRes

    Chris – I’m a big fan of the bars and restaurants. I’d do anything for a dry cleaner that would be open on Sundays. Would love a bookstore or at least a newstand. Enthusiastic thumbs up to a good hardware store and/or garden center. I like the way you have worked with successful local businesses to open additional developments in your buildings.

    So here goes, some of my fave successful local businesses I would love to see in CH or Petworth. Sort of random, but living in PW, these are places I’ll drive anywhere to get to, so worth duplicating somehow if this is possible!
    – Politics & Prose, or any other bookstore
    – Gingko Gardens or Garden District or Johnson’s
    – Miss Pixies or Goodwood
    – Open City Diner
    – Afghan Grill, Skewers, Zaytinya
    – Etete or Dukem
    – Granville Moore’s Brickyard, Cafe L’Enfant
    – True Value Hardware, Strosniders, Fragers, or Logan Hardware
    – Nice small grocery stores like Best Supermarket on U St.

  • Faith


  • Not enough hate

    This thread simply doesn’t have enough hate towards Chipolte. Chipolte is to good mexican food as Dick Cheney is to kind and understanding.

    Of course there is no such thing as good mexican food in DC, mainly because there are very few mexicans.

    Perhaps PoP should do a post on the difference between Mexico and the various countries south of it.

    Anyway, I digress, Chipolte isn’t good.

  • DCzSlimmest

    For those of you who don’t think Hispanics eat at Chipotle, please visit the Chipotle at 7 Corners just off Rt 50. Good, cheap food in a clean environment has proven a quite successful business model.

  • John

    Chris – What would be awesome is a news stand like the one in Baltimore’s Harbor East that carries magazines and newspapers from around the world…I think it’s called Daily News. I would also like more sit-down style restaurants serving local food. The Heights is always full on weekends.

  • neener

    Also, don’t people think that comparing Chipotle to Mexican or Latin food is just plain weird??? What is the connection between California Burritos and Mexican food? One is a Latinate fusion of California salad with a Latin twist and the other is the authentic cuisine of the southwest.

    Burritos in the style of Chipotle are not Latin, they were created by and for white people. basically.

    Chipotle Burritos are, as I have always believed them to be, California style. They are completely American from my way of thinking.

    The idea that they came from Denver makes sense. They are definitely NOT Tex-Mex, New-Mex or even SoCal.

    Burritos that I had that were purely Mexican were basically fajitas or Taquitos. Small, thin rolled up tortillas with beef inside.

    I’m old. I remember Mexican food in the 1970s and spent all summer in the Southwest in 1976 and the idea of putting rice and lettuce in a burrito is as queer as a $3 bill. In New Mexico we could get green chile burritos with beef cubes and potatoes. Sometime in the late 1980s, so like literally 10 years since I’d been in the SW, I first heard about “San Francisco Burritos.” I once drove up to New York city almost exclusively to go to a Burrito restaurant in the Lower East Side, let’s say it was about 5 blocks north of CBGBs, to get a San Francisco Burrito. That was around 1990. Until that point you could not get a San Fran burrito in DC (Although what Burrito Brothers was like before 1995 is kind of lost to me).

    There was a place in college park that made San Diego-style burritos as early as 1993, they had a fresh chopped salsa with large chunks of tomatoes, but still more beans than anything and not the whole rice and sour cream action that we know.

    So I have to say that comparing Chipotle to Mexican food is like comparing, I dunno, Five Guys to Barbecue. It’s similar, but it’s not really related.

  • Parkwood Person

    THANK YOU Neener!! I can’t believe there was comparison between DF, El Rinconcito and… Chipotle?!?! Apples and Oranges people, apples and oranges!

    I for one, will enjoy all three of them 🙂 Perhaps this is why Americans are getting so fat… too many good eats around every corner.

    Can we all just step back and try to enjoy the the present for a while?? You know, stop fretting about how it used to be, or what it’s turning into. Because although there are a lot of negative issues in the community, I think the area is pretty darned exciting and good right NOW. What a dynamic time! And some day, won’t people look back at these times fondly, thinking about the good old days? Sure- it’s good to care about your community, but I feel like there’s a little too idle complaining just for the sake of… keyboard practice? It’s a Chipotle. Not a nuclear plant.

  • me

    Aw man, I was hoping for another bank at that location, just like the one at the Metro entrance on the east side of 14th Street. Nothing says ‘vibrant streetscape’ quite like a locked/shuttered storefront when you first step out of the Metro in the evening. I guess I’ll just have to bide my time and do my banking elsewhere. When, oh, when will we ever see some prime vacant retail space become available in CH so that another bank can open in order to better meet my various checking and ATM needs?

    Now what we really need around here is a Vitamin Shoppe. Oh, wait… nevermind…

  • Jelani3000

    I would marry the Burrito bowl, if it will have me!

  • Anonymous

    OMFG. You just made my life!

  • happy for chipotle

    this is great news on chipotle and love the idea that they will serve beer too…. thumbs up, chris!!

  • E

    great… now I can gain the pounds I lost working out at the WSC accross the street…

  • Steve

    Here’s the thing–it’s almost never the case that really quality, mom-and-pop restaurants open right around metro stops. The reason is that the rent is just too high–for a reason. To the degree that they open at all, they do so around the corner from where all the foot traffic is–like the (very good!) Vietnamese restaurant that opened on Park Road. Expecting any developer to put a mom-and-pop (whose margins are too low to afford prime rents) into a spot right next to the metro is nuts. Really good ethnic restaurants are where they are for a reason. If we get an expansion of mom-and-pops in CH, it’ll be further up 14th street, past the Allegro (where TDF is and a bit further north)–close enough to the metro that people can walk, but far enough from the metro that the rents are reasonable. And filling in the 1400 block of Park Road, and over on 11th.

  • Anonymous

    I like Chipotle but LOVED WrapWorks at Dupont Circle……..still miss it.


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