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In Defense of Big Buck Hunter by Robyn

by Prince Of Petworth March 20, 2009 at 11:00 am 32 Comments

Big Buck Hunter video game, originally uploaded by susansimon.


A friend came into town, and we were planning where to grab drinks.

Me: Red derby?

Him: Nah…no Big Buck Hunter there.

Me: Somewhere on H Street?

Him: I don’t think they have Big Buck Hunter around there, either.

Me: So, you only want to go to a bar where you can shoot at Bambi’s parents?

Him: Exactly.

Why has Big Buck Hunter become trendy? Personally, I wasn’t a fan, primarily because I suck at any and all video games. My Tetris pieces have died a cruel death being crushed against each other. Every time Mrs. Pac Man ventured into her maze, she was gobbled by ghosts/blobs/amoebas (whatever those gelatinous villains are). And poor Luigi always got confused and go the wrong way on his go-cart, then shamefully scooted into last place 15 minutes after everyone else. When Big Buck Hunter reemerged on the bar scene, I did not want another video game infiltrating my life, especially at a bar when I just want to shoot the shit, not deer. But, late one night I decided to give it a go, and even though the digital deer were almost as cute as the real ones, I really liked killing them. Even though my success rate was 1 deer out of every dozen, it was undeniably fun. While I still don’t understand why the hunting game has become the cool thing, I’ll defend it. I just wish I didn’t suck at it so much.

Where can you find BBH in DC? All I know is the one at the Big Hunt. The irony.

Ed. Note: I’m a huge Big Buck Hunter fan and know for sure there is one at Solly’s at 11th and U. But I’d like to add a question to this In Defense of – do you think there should be video games in bars? Or do you think the only diversion in bars should be a juke box or maybe pool table? I think of two types of bars – Solly’s and the Saloon. Both are fun but very different. Saloon has a no standing rule and certainly no video games (though they do have board games). What is your preferred bar experience?


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