Tina Visit’s Brown Street Market

by Prince Of Petworth December 5, 2008 at 11:00 am 7 Comments


Anyone who has taken a walk down Mount Pleasant Street will know that it is home to a number of bodegas, grocery stores and food marts. But, long before Mount Pleasant Street became the main thoroughfare of Samuel Brown’s Mount Pleasant Village a little market stood at the Corner of Brown and Newton Streets.



My knowledge of the history of this market is limited, but I do know that it’s been a mainstay in the neighborhood since 1906, and in the late 80s was taken over by its current owners, a local Korean family. Conveniently named, the Brown Street Market, and conveniently located for the residents of the northeast corner of the ‘hood it seems as this place is a local favorite.



It’s pretty tiny inside but they make good use of the space, packing every available shelf with groceries – mostly canned and dried goods, miscellaneous household supplies, and an impressive wine and beer selection for the space. I also spotted a random basket of potatoes and onions – but that’s about as far as the produce selection goes. Up front there are freezer cases of frozen meals and ice cream and an interesting selection of candy. And for a nice neighborhood-friendly touch, there are some photos of nearby residents displayed above the counter.



If you don’t live in Mount Pleasant I probably wouldn’t recommend leaving your own neighborhood to check this place out, but if you do live nearby it’s a good spot to pick up some necessities. I lived only a few blocks away for a whole year and only recently discovered this place. One more reason I love this neighborhood, there’s always a little gem hiding where you least expect it!


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