A Look At Some Dishes From Fusion

by Prince Of Petworth December 22, 2008 at 2:00 pm 40 Comments


I gave a sneak peek of Fusion located at 4815 Georgia Ave last week but I finally had a chance to sample some of the dishes. Ed. Note: I was able to do a taster menu (which I paid for) so some of the portions that you see photographed may be a bit smaller than the actual portions. I recognize that I am not a proper restaurant reviewer. I can’t tell you that the hint of chutney blended brilliantly complimenting the spicy potato patty but I can tell you it was freaking delicious. I honestly do look forward to Tom Siestma and Tim Carman’s reviews. I think they are going to be blown away. Additionally, it is super nice to a have a proper sit down restaurant on Georgia Avenue that is of the highest caliber.  I have no doubt the quality will match or exceed those of other Indian restaurants around town. As many of you have noted, the owner Barry and his family are also as nice as can be, which only adds to the pleasant dining experience.

Pictured above is the Ragda Patties. Ed. Note: I will post a full menu when it becomes available to me in an electronic format.

Below you will find the Mango Shrimp which were also freaking delicious.


Below you can see the Lamb kurma on the left and the Palak paneer on the right. Barry explained to me that the Palak paneer is so green because he uses fresh spinach that is pureed in a blender. In addition to the Palak paneer there are also five other vegetarian options. Let me just add that soaking the bread in the sauces of these dishes is a delight in and of itself.


Finally I tried the Chicken Makhani which was also quite tasty but I’d say the Lamb kurma and the mango shrimp were my favorites.


Hopefully they’ll have their liquor license soon which will seal the deal as this being one of my new favorite restaurants. I really think the quality is so good that this is going to become a destination restaurant for those that don’t even live nearby. So I’d head over soon while it’s still possible to get a table!  Full menu after the jump.


Ragda Patties
Spiced potato patties, chick peas tamarind & date chutney .7

Mango Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp mango purée, basil served with mint chutney. 7

Crispy Spinach Salad
Flash fried Baby spinach cumin; tomatoes & black sea salt .7

Chicken Kebab
Ground chicken, bird pepper, fresh thyme .7

Masala Crab Cake
Crab meat. Cumin, saffron & mace .8

Perri perri Tilapia
Tilapia filet, ginger; red chili, lemon juice & cilantro .7

Mix Greens Salad
Mix greens, goat cheese & cherry tomatoes .6

Divers Scallops
Pan sears scallop ginger garlic & tomatoes .7

Smoke salmon
Wild Alaska smoke salmon ,prawn moose & dill cream cheese. 8


Lobster masala
Main lobster tail,garam masala,onion,ginger.20

Shrimp malai curry
Jumbo shrimp,coconut and ginger . 16

Gosh palak
Leg of lamb ,fresh spinach .15

Lamb kurma
American lamb, pistachio, almonds, onions & garam masala .15

Chicken Makhani,
Broil chicken, fenugreek, tomatoes .15

Grill Lamb Chops
American lamb Mace cashew huts, cardamom & green herbs .18

Sea food curry
fish, shrimp& scallop .17

Tandoori ( Grill ) Salmon,
Scottish salmon, cinnamon, ginger .15

Tandori ( Grill ) prawns
Prawns , ginger, garlic & mild spices.17

Chicken Tikka Masala
Broil chicken, tomatoes and a blend
of Indian spices .15

NY strip chili roast
Prime stake, tomatoes, chili and red wine reduction.18

Fish malai curry
Fresh market fish coconut ,ginger & mild spices. 16

Sunday brunch 3 course $ 25.00

Vegetarian flavors

Dal makhani
Lentils, tomatoes, garlic and fenugreek 10

Bigan bartha
Egg plant ,onion ,ginger and mild spices.12

Cucumber raita
Cucumber, yogurt relish .6

Vegetable kurma
Seasonal veg, ginger, coconut milk .12

Aloo pakak
Fresh spinach, potatoes and tomatoes.11

Palak paneer
Home made cottage cheese, fresh spinach .12

Channa masala .11

Breads & Rice
Goat cheese kulcha 2.50
Aloo paratha .2.50
Paratha. 2.00
Naan/garlic 2.00
Puri 2.00

Please send any comments to Mr. Barry Dindyal at [email protected] 726 2210

Hours of operation
Monday – Saturday 11.am to 11pm
Lunch & dinner
Sunday brunch 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, Dinner 5 pm to 10 pm.

House special

Fusion cocktail
Hendricks gin/orange bitters/fresh lime.7

Green cool night

kaiture glacier
Sparkling wine/ginger.7

Avenue spicy queen
Infuse vodka/mango/chili.7

Red puma
Tequila/pomegranate/triple sec 7

Infused bourbon
Wood ford reserved/dry fruites.6

Fusion honey
Knob creek/frangelico/orange/7

Roman cosmo
Vodka/triple sec/mango/cranberry.7

Tequila blossom
Chocolate tequila/baileys.7


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