Coolest Roommate Contest Entry #6

by Prince Of Petworth September 4, 2008 at 2:00 pm 18 Comments


“I would like to nominate my roommate Liz for the coolest roommate competition because it just doesn’t get any cooler than her. Liz is all smiles all the time, even after a long day of work. There are a total of five girls in our Victorian row house in Columbia Heights that actually used to be a brothel (we even have chandeliers in our bedrooms) and Liz always comes home in a cheery mood gathering everyone together for some sort of fun activity in the evenings. During the work day, Liz keeps us entertained by sending all the roomies fun articles and blogs she has read, including a lot from PoP and fun celebrity gossip! She’s always keeping us up to date with what is hip and happening in the area and where we should be every night of the week! Liz’s real specialty, though, is making brownies and she does so quite often. At least once a week you are guaranteed to be seduced out of your bedroom by the wonderful odor of chocolate being baked by Liz with love and care. Since Liz grew up and went to college in California one of my favorite things about her is “showing her” new things in the Mid-Atlantic area. She is always enthusiastic and open for new experiences and we have a blast on our adventures.

Liz is officially the coolest roommate ever because of her fun, laid-back attitude, great personality, and constant ability to put smiles on the faces of everyone around her. “


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