Washington, DC

Dear PoP

“I was kinda interested in the local architecture around here, but after reading your blog for awhile my interest has really peaked! I’m interested in researching the history of my place; any clue as how to get started on that?A few things I have noticed…on 13th St, between Park and Kenyon in particular, many of the houses are made with a different style of brick. They are longer and skinnier; nothing spectacular to look at it really. Curious as if you know anything about that or if you just like to find things that stand out.

Also, a little further down on 13th towards Columbia Rd., I’ve noticed that there appears to be a few Greek fraternities or sororities. I assume they are associated with Howard U.”

Hmm, I’m going to have to rely on the readers (again) to help with this question. Would you recommend sending the reader to the MLK Library to do research? Anyone have any other ideas or answers to these questions?


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