Tina Visits the Dollar Star on Mt. Pleasant Street


Do not be deceived. Dollar Star, at 3219 Mount Pleasant Street is no Dollar Store. The Mount Pleasant Main Street Business Directory (yes, this exists and I own it) bills it as “a mini-big box department store.” I am not sure what the owners bill it as, but in the 30 minutes I spent wandering the aisles I found only 4 items that sold for one dollar; bleach, rubbing alcohol, single rolls of toilet paper, and some Spiderman pins.

Dollar store or not, this place is totally insane and filled with all kinds of crazy junk. I read a review on Yelp that said places like this are “amusing to look through, but contain little of value.” I beg to differ. Where else can you find anything quite like this!?!


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And with a price tag of $45.99 there is clearly someone, somewhere, who thinks this item is of significant value.

Among the other fantastic finds inside Dollar Star were an Islamic Prayer clock for $16.99, a bargain of a pregnancy test for only $1.49, a bottle of Citroma – the “lemony flavor sparkling laxative,” a real steal at only $1.25 and, my personal favorite, a Lady Marmalade-esque lamp reminiscent of the “leg lamp” of A Christmas Story fame.


This fantastic item can be yours for the low price of $69.99.

Joking aside, this place is also full of useful items, like laundry detergent, kitchen wares, clothing, school supplies and more all at fairly reasonable prices. I did do some searching around for the most and least expensive items I could find, and came up with a 75 cent can of soda, and a quite large floor rug for a whopping $399.99.

By far, the most amusing part of my trip was the stock clerk who stopped me in the aisle presumably to inquire as to why I was taking pictures and writing things down in a little notebook. Instead he asked if I was married, and then told me that my future husband was a lucky man. I was quite flattered, if not a little creeped out. At any rate, though I left empty handed this time I will most certainly be back as I know this place is full of wares that will make amazing birthday treats for all of my friends!

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