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Do not be deceived. Dollar Star, at 3219 Mount Pleasant Street is no Dollar Store. The Mount Pleasant Main Street Business Directory (yes, this exists and I own it) bills it as “a mini-big box department store.” I am not sure what the owners bill it as, but in the 30 minutes I spent wandering the aisles I found only 4 items that sold for one dollar; bleach, rubbing alcohol, single rolls of toilet paper, and some Spiderman pins.

Dollar store or not, this place is totally insane and filled with all kinds of crazy junk. I read a review on Yelp that said places like this are “amusing to look through, but contain little of value.” I beg to differ. Where else can you find anything quite like this!?!


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And with a price tag of $45.99 there is clearly someone, somewhere, who thinks this item is of significant value.

Among the other fantastic finds inside Dollar Star were an Islamic Prayer clock for $16.99, a bargain of a pregnancy test for only $1.49, a bottle of Citroma – the “lemony flavor sparkling laxative,” a real steal at only $1.25 and, my personal favorite, a Lady Marmalade-esque lamp reminiscent of the “leg lamp” of A Christmas Story fame.


This fantastic item can be yours for the low price of $69.99.

Joking aside, this place is also full of useful items, like laundry detergent, kitchen wares, clothing, school supplies and more all at fairly reasonable prices. I did do some searching around for the most and least expensive items I could find, and came up with a 75 cent can of soda, and a quite large floor rug for a whopping $399.99.

By far, the most amusing part of my trip was the stock clerk who stopped me in the aisle presumably to inquire as to why I was taking pictures and writing things down in a little notebook. Instead he asked if I was married, and then told me that my future husband was a lucky man. I was quite flattered, if not a little creeped out. At any rate, though I left empty handed this time I will most certainly be back as I know this place is full of wares that will make amazing birthday treats for all of my friends!


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