Washington, DC

Found Dog


From a reader:

“Would you be good enough to post information to help reunite an owner with his/her pet? I was dog-walking today around 2:00 p.m. and another dog joined us at the Kansas Avenue / 13th Street intersection. I looked for the owner nearby but didn’t see anyone. The dog had a collar but no ID tags. The dog attached itself to my dog and kept following us, so I walked back and forth on the block hoping it would tire of us and go home. When that didn’t work, I knocked on the doors of homes with open gates, and asked people out on their porches if they knew who the dog belonged, but no luck. The dog was really enjoying running around but that included, unfortunately, running into the street so I put it on the leash to be safe and took it to Friendship Hospital for Animals to see if it had a tracking chip, but no luck there either. It is well groomed and seems to be healthy (and really would be a worthy candidate for your “coolest pet” competition). The vet said it appears to be a cocker spaniel mix. To make sure it goes to the rightful owner, callers should be able to describe the dog’s collar, should know whether the dog is neutered/fixed, and identify the dog’s: 1) gender; 2) age; and 3) color. Callers can reach me through my cell at 202-309-4544. I can keep the dog about a week, but after that I’ll probably have to bring it to the Washington Rescue League, as I am a cat owner.”


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