Tina Visits Boveda on Mt. Pleasant Street

by Prince Of Petworth July 24, 2008 at 11:00 am 13 Comments


Last week I took a trip to U Street in search of jewelry, when all along Boveda was right in front of my nose. Though it’s been around for 5 years, it’s a little hidden away, upstairs from the Dentist’s office at 3165 Mount Pleasant St.


I stopped in the other night and had the pleasure of meeting store owner Barbara Cameron. She is a Columbia Heights resident, and married to the Dentist downstairs. Together they spend lots of time travelling the world to keep Boveda stocked with all sorts of great stuff. They often travel to places where they have no connections and just network with local artists and communities to see what they can find. A visit to her store shows that they usually have pretty good luck; silver jewelry from the Hill Tribes in Thailand, pottery from Morroco, and for the entomologist – some cool butterfly and insect displays from Ecuador. I even found a sweet looking frog that kind of looks like a PoP mascot!



Her son (who helps out in the store when home from college) recently started a project that provides shoes to children in impoverished countries. You can find out more about that here: http://www.walkinmyshoesglobalproject.com/home. They accept donations in the store, so if you have kids shoes – bring them by! Even if you don’t have shoes to deliver…this place is well worth a visit, and there’s a sale going on right now 20 – 30% off most items in the store! More photos after the jump.




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  1. I threw a great fundraiser for the walk in my shoes project awhile back through Solidarity DC (http://groups.google.com/group/SolidarityDC). Sooner or later I’ll get the photographs up on the website.

    Barbara is a kick-ass person, their efforts with the shoes is a kick-ass effort, and Boveda is a kick-ass store. Support it all!

  2. By any chance does the frog have a black mark on its neck?

  3. Looks like a great shop, any scoop on what the prices are like?

  4. A pleased buyer

    Barbara has the best, most gorgeous things. I stop buy to be in a beautiful place and try to resist buying her unique jewelry. It’s a must see.

  5. Noel - a very satisfied customer

    BOVEDA is a very unique store, the interior was designed by Barbara herself…she is very talented. I love her store and Barbara is the best-est! Every woman should stop by the shop and buy a piece of her unique jewelry and/or artwork…much of which she purchases from countries around the world on her many travels. Inspite of the fact that the most of the jewelry is international, the prices are nominal, affordable (even in these days of NO Extra Money!) and they’re very competitive and she has great deals!


    PS. Barbara also donates shoes and clothing to kids all over the world. Not only does she send them to those in need often times she will take them as well …no small feat!

  6. T. Scott...a true boveda devotee

    I make a trip to Boveda a monthly ritual! Both Barbara and the store are jewels…though I say I’m only going to stop in quickly, I find that the ambiance and company entice me to stay for hours EVERY time I go. Trust me, it is so easy to get mesmerized by the beautiful things that Barbara so carefully selects, the store and merchandise are reflective of her spirit. I would be remiss if I did not say that I never leave without a treasure or three! A jewelry fanatic, the prices and selection make it easy for me to stay adorned AND pick up goodies for my friends. As others mentioned, I also am thrilled to support the shoe project. Barbara is, well there are just no words for how fabulous and lovely she is! BOVEDA IS A MUST GO TO…right now!

  7. I plan to visit DC soon and must stop by BOVEDA. It’s a unique shop which is what I like. Can not wait to see the cool butterfly display.

  8. Petworth

    Loretta sent me a email of your retail shop and it’s interesting items.
    Barbara your entrepreneur spirit is shining; Boveda looks entertaining, It’s a must visit for Barbara and I this summer.

    God Bless
    Sam & Barbara (cousin)

  9. I was here for the Presidential Inaugural. I broke my tooth and stopped into Dr Cameron office when I noticed this piece of art work from the window He explained to me that was his wife store and I could take a look upstairs. The things that was in the store was one of a kind and simply outstanding

    This is a must see shop!!!!!

    Elisa Grubbs from Detroit MI

  10. A satisfied customer

    BOVEDA has a great ambiance with tons of unique gifts. Whether you’re looking for something to accent your home or some funky jewelry to match an outfit, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for here. If you’re in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, do yourself a favor and visit this store!

  11. Wow….what beautiful artifacts, schulptures and jewelry. The colors are so vibrant and the store looks so airy. i hope to visit this store soon. Looking forward to buying an abundance of great things for myself and gifts for others that would appreciate fine art.

  12. Boveda is full of beautiful, unique pieces. It is difficult to go and not buy. In addition, Barbara is a great conversationalist and the cost of the jewelry is reasonable.

  13. BOVEDA IN MT PLEASANT is a special treat. The shop is a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. The owner, Barbara, exudes peace and kindness which is the feeling one gets inside the store. Unique, beautiful jewelry and art grace the displays. I felt welcomed to purchase but more importantly, I felt welcomed to share space and time with other jewelry enthusiast. A trip to this shop is a very pleasant experience. Stop by. LS


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