Washington, DC

From DC Dude: “Bad news for all you San Marco fans.  I spoke to the owner last night and he says he is retiring and selling the place.  Saturday night will be their last night in operation.  Better get yourselves down there for one last taste before the lights go out for good.”

Last chance to check out San Marco! Very sad news if this turns out to be true. Best of luck to the owner in retirement. Can anyone confirm the news?

UPDATE:  Sadly, it is true.  I just spoke with the owner who confirmed Sat. night will be the last service of San Marco.  He did, however, mention that the reason why it took them so long to sell was because he wanted to make sure the spot remained a neighborhood restaurant.  And that it will.  It is set to become a Napalese Italian restaurant that will be remodeled and hopes to reopen in September.  More news as it becomes available.  But for those who love San Marco – send your best wishes in person or in the comments as the owner and his wife are heading for a well deserved retirement.


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