Washington, DC


This is a tough spot to find if you’re not looking for it. Although it is located on a prominent spot at 2423 18th Street in Adams Morgan there is very little signage. It is located above the old record shop that has been closed for quite a while now. It is run by a very colorful proprietor named Mercedes Bien. She hesistated at many of the questions that I asked but that’s all good, I know I can be very provocative in spotlighted a shop or bar. Anyway, the store has been open for one and half years and came about after the Georgetown Flea Market closed. However, as the flea market is set to reopen in September, Ms. Bien will be moving back there so if you want to check out the store you should hurry. As the name suggests it is a vintage clothing store that features hand picked clothes for men and women (but it seems to focus on women’s items) plus some jewelry, sunglasses and hand bags. Check out some more photos after the jump to see if you dig the style.





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