Washington, DC


This super cool spot is very unassuming from the outside but it is a really classy building inside and out. Located at 903 U Street, Project 4 Gallery is one of the few gallery’s in DC that hosts contemporary art. Inside there are two floors with a very open feel. I had a chance to chat with two of the gallery’s interns – Aisha and Kara. They told me that the gallery has been open for two years and is currently hosting an exhibition called the Sublime Landscape which opened May 31 and will run until July 19. Kara and Aisha remarked that the gallery often tends to pick interesting subjects that can be explored in great detail. The shows tend to rotate every six weeks. The gallery has four owners and the director is Anne Surak. The gallery is open Wed. – Fri. 2-6pm and Sat. noon – 6pm and by appointment. So if you are interested in contemporary art you should definitely stop by this gallery. Check out some photos of the Sublime Landscape exhibit after the jump.





I dug the signage as well.



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