Give Some Advice To Someone With A Violent Roomate

by Prince Of Petworth June 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm 35 Comments

From the Forum Section:

“My roommate and I are currently renting a 2 bedroom apartment in a small building on 16th street. Our lease doesn’t end until February of 2009. My roommate has some drug and alcohol problems and has gotten very violent with me on several occasions. About a month ago I fled the apartment after she threw me to the floor and started strangling me, and I’ve been staying at a friend’s house ever since. I did return once to get some things, when I knew she was out of town, and found my room was completely trashed.

I’ve tried talking to her on the phone and in person (in a public place) about the situation and I’ve gotten nowhere. The last time I tried to meet her in person she drove me out to the middle of nowhere, beat me up, and ran off with my work laptop and my phone. I didn’t press charges or get a restraining order because it would only make her madder. She did return the laptop but she’s been leaving me nasty voicemails and has implied that she bought a gun.

I just want to move out of the apartment because I obviously can’t stay there any longer, but I hate having to break the lease. What would be the best way to broach this subject with the management? I really would prefer to not get the police involved, but am willing to if necessary. I don’t care if I get my security deposit back, but I hope there is a way to do this without ruining my credit. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!”


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