Washington, DC

The reader writes: “On Saturday, we decided to traipse over to 14th Street to try the new restaurant, La Cabana.  It’s next door to El Amigo, one of our favorites (just a block away from PanAm supermarket).  Well?  We really enjoyed it, and the owner whose name we didn’t catch, was very attentive.  We asked him what to get, and first pointed to the soups, but we got other things.  I tried the beef fajitas.  Our friend visiting from San Francisco got a chicken dish, and my better half the Lomo Saltado (apologies for the misspellings).  The folks at the table reported that the margaritas were great, even if there were no frozen ones available.  The owner kicked in a free plate of fried yucca, which was the best we’ve had, and when they didn’t have our desired dessert, they kicked in a flan.  It was all very good.  Not dirt cheap, not too expensive.  Ask about drink prices before laying down the cash though.  I hope the standards stay high and they succeed in increasing the quality of all the neighborhood Latin restaurants.  Who knows, I may even try the often empty Sisy’s just north of Randolph on 14th… they are advertising a very price-effective happy hour, after which one could easily trip across to the Derby.”


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