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A reader writes: “When we moved into our row house in Columbia Heights last summer, the bathroom was, for lack of a better word, gross. The floor was covered with generic, white tile that looked like it had been there since 1912 and the tile and grout were nasty no matter how many times we cleaned the floor. The tub was functional, but damaged and had a bad patch job that looked like a big grey splotch in the middle of the tub. The shower tile was small, white tile that made the bathroom look like a YMCA shower stall. There was a mess of tangled, exposed radiator pipes in the corner of the ceiling. All of this sucked because we only have one bathroom in the house.

So, we found a reliable renovator (two man team), spent about $5,000 total in materials and labor, and re-did the bathroom. We put in new floor tile and grout with “river rock” style baseboard decorations, new blue-grey paint on the walls, new travertine tiles with a funky design in the shower, replaced the shower curtain with glass doors, had the exposed pipes dry-walled in, installed new fixtures, and re-glazed the tub so it looks like new.”

Check out some more details of the finished bathroom as well as some before pictures after the jump. It’s also not too late to send me your renovation photos – [email protected]

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