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Wilco Ticket Contest 12th Entry

by Prince Of Petworth February 12, 2008 at 2:30 pm 5 Comments

A Litteri, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

[Ed. Note:  Winner Announced Friday, Feb. 22]

“Two submissions for your contest:

(1) A picture of A. Litteri’s entrance, representing my favorite spot this week – the D.C. Farmers’ Market off of Florida Ave in NE. Last weekend was my first trip to the market and after picking up Italian groceries, vegetables from Sam Wang’s, and a trip to one of the butchers, I was all set for a Sunday dinner for friends. I only found one fresh fish vendor but will continue the search!

(2) A poor adaptation of a good Wilco song. Give my apologies to Tweedy when you see him at show.”

Check out the adaptation of the Wilco song after the jump.
PoP Etc.

Prince o’P, don’t cry

You can rely on us honey

You can drop by any time you want

We’ll be around

You were right about DC

Each block, a great place should be


Fed buildings shake

Voices escape singing loud loud songs

Tuned to chords strung down their cheeks

Party melodies turning their orbit around


Don’t cry

You can rely on us honey

Come stop by any time you want

We’ll stick around

You are right about DC

Each street is a rising sun


Wilson building shakes

Voices escape singing big big songs

Tuned to chords strung down our cheeks

City melodies turning our orbit around


Voices rise

The city is coming together

Your voice is calling

A Wilco spot is what we can get

Turning our orbit around




It’s all our neighborhood


Northwest, it’s all of our city

Each one is a shining sun


Our houses shake

Voices escape singing sweet sweet songs

Tuned to chords strung down your cheeks

Petworth melodies turning your orbit around

Your voice rose

Jeff Tweedy is coming to our town

My voice is calling

A last Wilco spot is all I would like

Turning my orbit around


A last Wilco spot is all I would like

Turning my orbit around


A last Wilco spot is all I would like

Turning my orbit around

  • Anonymous


  • poo poo

    if you haven’t been, you should go. i live near there.

    you want REAL italian olive oil and cheeses?

    you want decent italian wine at less than $5 a bottle?

    this place is a gem about which 3/4 of DC has no idea.

    if you’re planning a party, this is the shiznit.

    and their sandwiches are simply astounding.


    check it out if you have a chance.

    it’s getting more popular by the day,

    but it’s still a gem.

    and the stores nearby have some amazing offerings, aside from the largest flea market in dc during the spring/summer/fall.

    i’ve been here for almost fifteen years, and only discovered it a few years back….

    i’ve lived (and owned) in georgetown, 3636 16th street, and now near the florida market.

    trust me when i tell you this is a GEM!

  • poo poo

    side note…

    i’ve met two ambassadors and one senator buying a bunch of wine and cheese there.

    it’s capitol hill’s little secret.

    take advantage of it before the area becomes “condo-land”.

    check out this chickee law students blog.. she provides for a lot of information on the development of the area.

    it’s frozentropics.blogspot.com

    some folks want to keep the area the way it is,

    some folks want to see development.

    kinda, sorta like petworth..

    check out the corners of your city….

  • saf

    I love love love love Litteri’s.

    Fish – check out Eastern Market.

  • Anonymous

    Go to the Maine Avenue fish market for seafood.


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