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Reason #76 Our Neighborhood Rocks

by Prince Of Petworth February 14, 2008 at 11:47 pm 9 Comments

IMG_6766, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Not only do we have Pupuserias and Taquerias but we also have Pupuseria y Taqueria trucks! I love it. I’ve never actually eaten at one but its mere existence makes me happy. Anyone eat at one of these trucks?

  • Sveiks

    There was a very good issue of Gourmet Magazine a few months ago (October maybe) that focused on latin american food in the US. There was an article about the proliferation of these trucks in cities across the country that had large hispanic communities. It made me very hungry. I’ve seen the trucks before, but never eaten at one. I want to try one sometime.

  • MKing

    The truck that parks on Columbia Road near Ontario is awesome. Tacos are fresh, delicious and REALLY cheap – like $2.

  • mjbrox

    I have only ate at one of these trucks and it was on new Hampshire near 495. The pupusas where horrible, I actually spit it out and threw them away.

  • I miss these from California. They would come and visit the light industrial areas where I worked. We used to call them roach coaches. But some were really good, especially the ones that are owned by an actual restaurant. I haven’t seen these in Petworth, only in the Takoma Park/Langley Park area.

  • DCzSlimmest

    I visit the truck at Columbia and 16th all the time. It’s great!!! Not quite as good as my spots in Jackson Heights, Queens, but then again most places can’t compete with NYC street food (IMO).

  • New Hampy

    I hear you Christopher – about the roach coaches that is.

  • Toby

    I have never seen one of these trucks in DC but see them all the time when I’m in Langely Park/Takoma Park/Adelphi. In certain areas in Langley Park behind the shopping center, there are so many of those trucks. They tend to cater to Mexican and Central American immigrant men who work in construction or landscaping and want to get something home cooked on their way home. Many of those guys are single, live bunched up with relatives in crowded apartments and don’t cook. They’re hungry after a hard day’s work doing what unskilled Americans don’t want to do. If you read Spanish, you can make out some ot the cool names the trucks have. Sometimes they’re named from the area the owner is from, for a child or another loved one. Eater beware: nothing is regulated by any type of health inspection. The sociology of these trucks interests me more than the food, as I’m cautious.

  • DistrictDirt

    One of the most surreal experiences I have had in this area was biking down Four Mile Run in Arlington with my girlfriend, and stopping for a bit at a random Pupusaria truck parked near the trail.

    Love those pupusas and that spicy coleslaw-like stuff they give you on the side. I haven’t been adventurous enough yet to try the beef tongue tacos, but maybe one of these days!

  • Parkwood Person

    I love taco trucks! Though I don’t see them around these parts very often. I would highly recommend eating at one, and trying at least a bite of anything pickled in jars on the counter.

    A friend of mine got married at her parents house in Oregon and they hired a taco truck for a couple hours in lieu of catering. A brilliant idea I thought.


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