Ramona’s Spa in Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth February 20, 2008 at 2:30 pm 5 Comments

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Oddly, a number of people have emailed me asking for Spa locations near Petworth/Columbia Heights. As I have been to a spa exactly zero times in my life, the only one I knew about was the Medspa on 14th St. in Columbia Heights. But I passed Ramona’s Day Spa and Salon on 3103 Mt. Pleasant St. recently and was wondering if any one has been? If so do you recommend it? It looks cool from the outside.

  • Anonymous

    I have also been curious to try so I got my girlfriend and I a gift certificate for massages and pedicures. We are going in about two weeks, will check back then to let you know it goes.

  • Atomic Dog

    My mom and sister swear by this place.

  • aj

    I have not used her, and this isn’t a spa, but Petworth has a massage therapist who also offers a neighborhood discount:
    Petworth Massage Therapy
    14th and Perry, NW
    Washington, DC 20010
    She also has a website: petworthmassage DOT com

    I would be interested in hearing from folks who’ve been to the this place, too.

  • Anonymous

    I’d give Ramona’s a try if I wasn’t a regular at Shangri-La at 15th and U. It comes highly recommended from this Petworthian.

  • Teresa

    I love Ramona’s and have been going there since we moved to DC 2.5 years ago. Ramona is great and has recently totally renovated the space. She is an anchor in the neighborhood who is working hard to transform her business. While they are not a typical spa and more of a salon they do have a secluded and quiet set of beautiful rooms on the top floor for massages, facials and other spa treatments. The woman for spa treatments on staff splits her time between Ramona’s and a big suburban spa. She is very skilled. Prices are reasonable, good selection of products, space is pretty and Ramona is quite a character. I highly recommend Ramona’s


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