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Obama or Clinton You Decide!

by Prince Of Petworth February 10, 2008 at 9:03 pm 16 Comments

So on Saturday when I’m returning from my walkabout I start to hear music as I’m walking north on New Hampshire up to the Petworth metro station. I then see some balloons and become very curious. It turns out to be an Obama rally – Petworth style. So check out the video above for how we rally in Petworth. In case you can’t make it out he is singing “We gonna Barack the vote, we gonna Barack the vote!”. Awesome. Now check out the only Hillary supporters I encountered all weekend. And I must have walked easily 6 miles or so.

After the jump check out more photos from the Obama rally. Most are from Petworth but one is from 14th and U.

  • Julianish

    I was there.
    It was amazing.

  • New2CH

    Love the Manilow picture … perfectly captures her demographic. Hillary is about to be about as relevant to politics as Barry is to pop culture.

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  • theneighbor

    How one sided/Obama heavy was this?

  • LL

    I am so excited to vote on Tuesday! Turnout in almost every state that has held a primary or caucus to date has been at a historic high, and I hope that the District (and our neighbors Maryland and Virginia) will follow suit. While DC doesn’t get much of a vote in other elections, we can make our voices heard tomorrow. If you don’t know where your polling place is, go here: http://www.dcboee.org/voterreg/ppl_step1.asp

  • bogfrog

    Thanks LL — I have moved since the last time I voted. I will try going to the old polling place first and if I’m not on their list, then I know where to go for my new address!

  • Nita

    Hey, I’m a Manilow fan! But I’m voting Obama.

  • Matt

    If you’re also an Obama fan, like most of our neighborhood seems to be, and you want to help elect him in the suburbs, go to: http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/phonebankmap and call voters today and tomorrow! BOmentum baby!

  • notyou

    I wonder if the Clinton people were really supporters, or just trying to get in a “dig” at her people.

  • mad clamor

    notyou, I have a bad feeling those are sincere Hillary supporters.

  • Cool obama rally! Today I was at a rally of 18,000 in College Park! (I’m a senior there). They had DJ Johnny Blaze spinnin’ before the speakers took the stage.

    Ha, you can even see me on this ABC news video!


  • ontarioroader

    I could have done without the Obama supporters driving up and down my street honking their horns & waking me up. I’m going to vote for him, but damn… stop honking you horns…

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  • Parkwood Person

    What, no photos of the truck full of 30-something caucasians waving Obama signs surrounded by a mariachi band (that looked to be on the clock) plays in all its glory?!? Man, if you’re going to only show Obama fans, you should capture the ones that are pandering to the “Hispanic Vote” in CH. It only could have been more glorious if they were wearing sombreros.

  • I guess the Hillary campaign knew they would lose here, but they could have organized a few more grassroots events. I tried searching for events in the area for her to no avail (not that I support her). The Obama site has plenty of events. Oh well.

  • PT

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