Washington, DC

I got another great reader submitted Friday question of the day.  It is very simple – why is it that most public transportation runs north to south but rarely can one find public transport that runs east to west?  Brilliant question.  Following is the full question from the reader:

I have another transportation-related pet peeve. I’ve noticed that almost all the bus lines go north-south, just like the metro routes. The Georgia Ave bus follows almost the identical route as the Green line trains. There are also 14th and 16th St buses but nothing that connects the 16th to 18th St area to eastern Columbia Heights or Petworth. It’s a pain to get from Green Line locations like Petworth or Columbia Heights to places on the red line like Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan. Now that all of these restaurants and stores are opening in Columbia Heights, don’t we need an easier way to get between Green Line and Red Line destinations? I would love to see a bus line that links Dupont Circle to U Street and/or Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and Petworth. It could be an extension of the very popular 42 bus – instead of stopping at Mt Pleasant St & Lamont, couldn’t it continue to Park Rd & 14th and then on to the Petworth metro? Or, is the 42 bus so full already that we need a new route that could follow a more eastern route, starting in Dupont and heading to Logan Circle before heading north.  I think that with the opening of the Target there will be a LOT of demand from from Dupont area residents without cars wanting more easy access without having to deal with changing trains. Meanwhile it would be a boon for green line residents who don’t have easy public transportation access to Dupont and Adams Morgan.”


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