Fire at 11th and Kenyon

by Prince Of Petworth February 28, 2008 at 11:25 pm 5 Comments

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I hadn’t heard about this fire. Anyone know the story? I’m not sure when it happened probably at least a week or more ago.

  • Kenyon Fire

    This happened around the second week in Jan. Not sure of all the details though.

  • SM
  • j of the jtl

    yea this was a while ago and the firetrucks went screaming by my place at like 4am. making a mad ruckus.

  • bogfrog

    I asked about it on the CH news forum, and someone replied that the power had been off in that house since September, ergo anyone living there would have been a squatter. There wasn’t much of a reply…

  • 11th and Kenyon Resident

    Jan 13/14. I live across the street and I watched this fire because all the sirens woke me up around 4/430 am and went on until about 630/7 am. the two adjoining houses also went up in flames but at least everyone was evacuated. LOTS of fire trucks and quite a mess. I did not see it start, but my roommate said all of the sudden the door to the house just went up in flames and then the rest went up as well. if you read the reports, the utilities had been turned off for quite awhile but people were still living there, and it was caused by “improperly discarded smoking materials”. this block of Kenyon is okay, but i never really saw people in that house except some visitors going in and out, so I’m not sure how long the utilities had been shut off.


    sideshow of images from DCFD: http://www.dcfd.com/1025KenyonStNW.html


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