Condos Above Petworth Metro Watch

by Prince Of Petworth February 24, 2008 at 10:47 pm 7 Comments

IMG_7001, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For the expats who are curious about the progress being made: Park Place is finally rising!

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  1. Hey, the first pic of this site with some construction duded in sight!

  2. Wow, finally progress above ground… Now to find out if the School on Georgia and the Best Buy etc. is still on schedule… Thanks for the update for those of us stuck in sunny SoCal

  3. Sunny SoCal sounds good right about now, another dreary day in London. Thanks PoP.

  4. It should shoot up now. The concrete foundation takes forever to lay because of the drying times.

    It takes about a month for concrete to dry sufficiently to load it. That’s why you see only one guy hanging around building sites in the early stages – like pregnancy, it doesn’t matter how many resources you put on it, it still takes 9 months.

  5. Pip–if the concrete has dried, there are going to be serious structural problems with the building!

    Concrete cures via hydration, where the water combines molecularly with the concrete. Typically, concrete mixes are designed to reach design strength within 28 days, but often do so sooner. Since there are no live loads imposed on the foundation yet (and the full dead load isn’t even in place), you can typically load concrete structural elements before they reach full strength.

    The reason below-grade concrete construction seems to take a long time is that you have to place reinforcing bars, build formwork, and pour concrete for the retaining walls around the entire site–a consideration not present in above-grade levels.

  6. …plus this thing is above the metro so I’m sure there was a LOT of reinforcement-type stuff going on before it emerged from underneath!

  7. Uhuh. It goes from ‘wet’ to ‘not wet’–ergo ‘dry’.

    Thanks for saying what I said in a totally more dorky way, though.


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