Washington, DC

My sources are telling me that our beloved Temperance Hall has been sold to the owners of our beloved Wonderland Ballroom. Crazy! I’m still digesting the news but I’m thinking things will probably stay the same. My source did not know if they were keeping the staff but my guess is they probably will. General Manager Dan Searing has done a fantastic job and of course Scott and the new bartender Eric have been stellar. It seems to me that they won’t want to fix what’s not broken. That’s my hope anyway. So what do you guys think, is this good news, bad news, or everything will stay the same anyway so it doesn’t really matter?

UPDATE: Temperance Hall to Change Name to Looking Glass Lounge
DCist spoke to the owners of Wonderland who confirmed the name change. They also said that the place “will have a slightly different feel.” Now I’m starting to get worried.


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