Washington, DC

Yesterday we heard a perspective from law enforcement. So, much like the opposing political party gets some air time after the state of the union, today we will hear from a self proclaimed member of a “crew”. Now, I’ve been called every name in the book, and I have very thin skin so I cry a lot, wait I’m getting off track. Point is I certainly don’t want to be accused of not giving all sides a platform. So a big thanks to my neighbor for pointing out this “rant” from Craig’s List in DC. Now, it is from Craig’s List so I obviously can’t vouch for the author but the original post is here. Without further ado:

“I know who I am. You…not really knowing it…hit it right on the nail!
I am a thug. NO!….I do not rob people or steal from anyone. I work a 60 hour week every single day but Sunday…..but I am a thug!
I carry two guns…..yes, I’m a pistol packing black man whose family can walk their neighborhoods without worrying about being attacked, assaulted, harassed, intimidated or molested…..mainly because I’m a KNOWN THUG.
Everyone knows me in 17 of the criminal neighborhoods in metro DC and PG. They know me as well as my 38 friends….or crew as you might want to call it. My grandmother can walk to the store if she wants and not one hoodlum, crackhead or street urchent(did I spell that right)will accost her….they call her by her name….Hi Mrs.So and So! My sisters and cousins can go to any club in the area and not be molested…because everyone knows who her peeps are..as well as members of my crew…their families are safe as well.
None of my female relatives or acquaintances have to worry about abusive boyfriends or husbands and even the most drunkiest dude who disrespects them at a event, club or venue…..just the mention of a name….either mine or a crew member(sic)will make his ass sober up…stutter and apologize profusely!
If by chance and I do mean…by chance….a family member of close friend is killed…..we don’t need the police, the courts, the fancy lawyers or a technical aquital….we will settle our “own justice” and it works!

Let’s say this ‘hypothetical situation’: Two men are found shot to death in seperate locations. the police don’t put two and two together, but when they do they ALWAYS assume it’s a drug deal gone bad (smile).
When in fact…..it is ‘retribution’ for a street robbery that occurred 6 weeks earlier…a robbery that involved one of our close friends or family members. She’ll never ever have to worry about them coming back to hurt her again or worry about them threatening her or worry about them period.
See problem solved…..not your form of justice….but then again….as you already have stated….I’m thug cultured.”

I just wonder how he rationalizes innocent civilians getting shot in the crossfire of rival crews? And don’t “known thugs” eventually got shot themselves anyway, when someone tries to knock off the big man to show how tough they are?


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