Washington, DC

A reader is interested in setting up an “orange hat” patrol around the Petworth Metro to try and deter future muggings.

She writes: “I’m getting a little frustrated with the inability of the police to, well, police New Hampshire avenue. A few weeks ago, after lurking through yet another debate on the Petworth mailing list about yet another mugging, I posted about the possibility of starting up an orange hat brigade to walk the Metro-up-New-Hampshire corridor, and got a few
responses but not an overwhelming number. This doesn’t have to be a lifetime committment: it seems like trying
to do this for a month could have real impact.”

If you’d be interested email Lisa at [email protected]

Ed note: I’m not sure if you’ll actually be issued an orange hat but I think it is a great idea.  I would suggest that you try to coordinate with MPD though.


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