Washington, DC

This question relates to something that got a lot of press this week. The issue is DC’s quest for voting rights in the US Congress. Frankly at the moment, I could not care less about this issue. Every Thursday I read the Post’s coverage of local crime by quadrant. When I look at NW Washington, I am horrified by the street names. Webster, Varnum, Georgia, Allison, etc. and I get filled with rage, despair and sadness. Every single week I see the streets of Petworth in the crime report. Unacceptable. How on earth are DC Voting rights going to change that? How are DC Voting rights going to address the graffiti issue? How are DC Voting rights going to address the issue of drug dealing in our neighborhoods? How are DC Voting rights going to address the problem of vacant homes and prostitution? Ok forget all that, I’ll be even bolder, I would way rather have a nice independent book store in Columbia Heights/Petworth than have one voting Congressional Representative. I would trade two DC senators if every Thursday I could open up the Post and not read about crimes being committed on Varnum St., Georgia Ave., and Allison St.? So my question is: What do you think are the most pressing issues for the residents of DC? Voting rights or quality of life issues?


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