Damn you Columbia Heights, Make Up Your Mind Already!

If Petworth is the love of my life, Columbia Heights is my mistress. I love the stability of Petworth but Columbia Heights has so much excitement. But I think Columbia Heights is going through a bit of an identity crisis. I altered my walk home today so I could take a picture of the new Dunkin Donuts (see photo down below – sniffle, sniffle). I have to say the walk up 14th Street past Florida is less than pleasant. At first there was simply an uncomfortable vibe in the air. And then there was spit in the air. You remember the expression if looks could kill? Crossing Harvard a young woman looked me straight in the eye and spit at my feet. What the hell? I was stunned. I had my ipod on and I was grooving to the Drive by Truckers minding my own business. Would she have spit at anyone’s feet at that particular moment? As I have learned, it is often wiser to simply keep on walking. Which is what I did. Not two blocks later an older guy in his 40s yells at me: “yo baby, give me some of that water.” I had a bottle of water with me as it was approximately 1000 degrees today. “Yo baby, give me some of that water.” What the hell is that? Then of course I pass the gorgeous Dunkin Donuts. A few moments after that I pass the lovely Starbucks and the super cool Heights of Columbia Restaurant. So, Columbia Heights what are you? Are you just a hateful place or are you the hub of cool that I always tell everyone you are? Are you just playing mind games with me? I think we are old enough to be straight with each other. I think you are really good looking with your awesome rowhouses, sweet bars, and of course plentiful coffee shops (both chain and independent). So where do we go from here?

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Thanks to Julie for sending this beauty from Carter Barron.

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