Washington, DC

Care to Speculate?

These two properties, 3917 and 3921 7th Street, NW were purchased for $450,000 each in September of 2006 by the same company. So what do you think they will become? New Condos? Refurnished single family houses? Or a monstrosity like the eyesore on Upshur and New Hampshire? Another question: if they were purchased almost a year ago how come there has been no renovation? $450k seems like a lot of dough for some shells. Which leads me to another question: are there any shells near you? I have seen a few renovated nicely and some not so nicely. How about you? Have you seen shells renovated? Do you have shells that have been around forever? Do they attract unsavory characters? Do you think some are related to the Shiloh Church syndrome? (Shiloh Church has owned a number of properties in various states of disrepair in the Shaw neighborhood for years.) Ok, that is enough questions. I’m sorry, I’ve been drinking…


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