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Friday question of the day

by Prince Of Petworth June 22, 2007 at 1:19 am 31 Comments

Today’s question is sparked by a comment left a couple of days ago. A commenter suggested that we get behind a particular store/company and lobby for them to come to Petworth. He mentioned that this has been done successfully on other blogs. Well, as I have a huge inferiority complex I will not let that challenge go unanswered. I will happily initiate the lobbying if there is even a remote consensus. So Friday question of the day is: What particular store are you dying to see come to Petworth? Do you think lobbying is an effective way to encourage them to come to Petworth? I will start the ball rolling. I vote for Dunkin Donuts. What is your vote?

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather it be an independent donut shop, but in lieu of that I’ll get behind you on the push to get us a Dunkin Donuts. I’d love if they put it at 13th and Taylor. They need to do something there.

  • Chris

    The owner of the highly successful JAVA GREEN restaurant on 19th / K is scouting for another location in which to open his restaurant.

  • Chris

    P.S. REEVES bakery, on G Street downtown, lost its lease and is looking for another location in which to open.

  • Laurie

    Java Green would be awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am all in favor of REEVES bakery or really any bakery, even Dunkin Donuts!

  • Markus

    Yes Yes Yes. Reeve’s.

    It was a tragedy that they had to close last week. Best cupcakes in town. People who rave about Cake Love clearly never set food in Reeve’s.

  • Stockard Channing

    wasn’t garden district on 14th looking at petworth as a second location?

    And I second Reeves & Java Green. And anything by the owners of Amsterdam falafel/M’dawgs.

  • Anonymous

    How about lobbying the Amsterdam Falafel Shop owner (18th st. Adams Morgan)? I love the fixin’s bar! And the fries. Any one else with me?

  • Sarah

    Independent stores! Donuts, coffee, bakery, garden store, hardware store… I don’t care, I would appreciate any of those. But we’ll get enough chains without encouraging them. I’d much rather see the neighborhood lobby for locally owned business. I don’t want to see Petworth become just another piece of Generica.

  • Michael
  • Erich

    I’m with Sarah!

    Please don’t lobby for D&D!!! What will happen to places like Columbia Heights Coffee? (See earlier post about the lovely local ladies that run it.) In New England, where I hail from, D&D has a pattern of coming in and putting the mom & pop places out of business; they just can’t compete.

    Let’s instead continue the PoP’s “Neat Neighborhood Finds” section. Let’s encourage the founding or expansion of other local places — a new chocolate shop, a new local bakery/pastry shop & even a new Amsterdam location are great ideas!

  • Lindsay

    I actually sent an email yesterday to the franchising department at Dunkin Donuts suggesting a Petworth location…but I second Chris’ suggestion of Reeves.

  • Anonymous

    Duke’s is for sale (with all the kitchen equipment) for $599K. If 599 Petworthians pitch in $1000 a peice we can open our own Donut Shoppe! ;)

    RE: M’Dawgs – yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. The falafel place is fine, but the hot dog place is AWFUL and expensive, a bad combo. I gave it two chances and I feel I got robbed. There are so many good places to get dogs in DC (including cart vendors near the mall) you have to bring it if you are going to open a dog place and M’Dawg is plain awful. Terible. What we need in DC is a James Coney Island (just name-checking to see if anyone is from H-Town) or a Ben’s Chillibowl North – now *that’s* a good dog.

  • J. Con.

    Duke’s is for sale??!! that’s terrible news!! Everyone loves Dukes!

  • jasong

    I wish we had a Pho place.

    Falafel would be good too.

    Trader joes would do great business in PW. Really looking forward to Yes organic opening, too.

  • David

    Given that Yes Organic is opening, I guess we have the grocery issue solved. I’ll just say to Michael that we’d love to import you and your fiance and your chocolate shop to Petworth!!! Real estate can’t be a problem. I’ve always thought the block of 9th just above Upshur where the Post Office is/was is really cool because you can see it from Georgia Ave (good eyeballing) but not right on it. What a huge welcome you would get! Bring it on cocoa!!

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, my votes are with falafel (also talk to the owner of Old Jerusalem on Columbia in Adams Morgan) and Java Green. Wooo hoo— great idea, PoP!!

  • 5th street

    I’d get behind a good bagel shop. Also, any kind of restaurant that offers something other than the usual fried fare (I enjoy that sometimes, but I’d like a healthier choice from time to time) and isn’t one of those awful suburban mall franchises like Applebee’s or Olive Garden or TGIF Friday. Independently owned and operated is the key.

  • Stockard Channing

    dear lord, someone give that chocolate lady a lease!

  • greymalkini

    Java Green or a chocolate shoppe would be my vote!

  • Joe Martin

    It does help to lobby. Whole Foods located on the 1400 block of P Street NW in large part because of the neighborhood’s efforts to land them there. Gary Cha, the owner of Yes Organic Market, told me he was very impressed with the persuasive emails he received encouraging him to open in Petworth. His market, slated to be twice the size of the new Brookland Yes on 12 St NE (great store), will be at Georgia and Taylor in the building to be put up by the Neighborhood Development Company. Groundbreaking for that project is to take place later this year. The owners of Logan Hardware want to open up a garden center/hardware store somewhere. They looked at possible locations on Georgia Avenue thanks to our emails.

  • david

    a zips dry cleaner would be nice

  • northerner

    i’d like to see a decent neighborhood pub along the lines of temperance hall for those of us in the northern reaches of petworth (like north of gallatin/kennedy/peabody). i love temperance, but when it’s 95 degrees out i’d like a place that’s an easier walk.

  • Anonymous

    Pleeeeeease don’t lobby for a Dunkin Donuts!!! My old neighborhood had one and they pumped out that gross sugar/grease smell at all hours of the day. I would much prefer an indie bakery that was delicious and INTERESTING as opposed to yet another DD.

  • Amanda

    I’d LOVE to have a nice garden/hardware store in the neighborhood. (I sent an email to the Logan Hardware people about this a year or so ago and the response indicated they had a space in mind on Georgia, but it wasn’t immediately available.)
    And the chocolate lady should set up shop on Upshur!

  • Luke

    I agree with Amanda…

    When I read this post, Logan Hardware was the first thing I thought of. In general, local businesses are definitely preferable to the national/regional chains.

    Although I really would *love* a bakery. Please, please, give me someplace in the neighborhood where I can get a baguette or some good French rolls.

  • e

    I’d love bakery but that might be dangerous for the waistline…how about something practical like a CVS? EVERYone could benefit from that.

  • Sarah

    Good lord, no CVS! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Seriously, they are trying to take over the universe, one movie theater at a time. (And as I said before, we WILL get enough chains without encouraging them.)

    As an alternative, we could try to convince Rodman’s that they need to open a store over here.

  • northerner

    There’s already a CVS at Georgia & Ingraham. One is enough for any neighborhood.

    Speaking of storefronts, anyone know what’s going in on Kennedy near 3rd Street? Several storefronts are being renovated, in and around what appears to be an old movie theater.

  • E

    I’m 20 blocks south of Ingraham…I’m in Park view not Petworth proper…guess I was thinking about my immediate area (so self-centered)and what everyone could use. However, I would love a bakery/chocolate shop or deli…

  • Anonymous

    What about business unrelated to food and drink? There’s a huge array of need for the neighborhood like: a “gymboree” for children; a “color me mine” creative outlet; a bookstore/coffee shop similar to Kramer’s; hardware or nursery; an indoor arcade for children and adults; batting cages…the list goes on and one. Let’s think outside the box and make Petworth a destination not only for residents but others in the District!


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