Washington, DC

Despite what some readers may think I am hugely supportive of all the law enforcement agencies in DC. So I was delighted to read in the Post and also in DCist that metro police have set up a special unit to combat robbery on the metro.

Now we also learn via dcist That the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is targeting our cities most violent criminals. As DCist noted they come up with the absoutely absurd acronym MVP. The Examiner explains

“Under Operation MVP, which stands for Most Violent Persons, detectives will identify the most dangerous predators in certain areas of the city. Each week, special operations officers and U.S. Marshals will capture the criminals and hand them to investigators before sending them to jail. The investigators will interrogate the offenders to see if they have any information about related crimes.”

This is good news but MVP? Doesn’t MVP have a positive conotation? C’mon guys. I appreciate the gesture and wish you luck in the endeavor but you almost make it too easy for us to make fun.

In all seriousness I DO believe that these are positive programs and I hope for their success.


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