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Mao, he is not

yow! twice the ming, originally uploaded by hifiny.

I am not a tall person. That is ok. I have come to accept it. Now yesterday I read that Sun Ming Ming a Chinese basketball player for the Maryland Nighthawks is 7 foot 9! Now let me explain the problem. This shatters a dream of mine. I come from a long line of short people. I’d say I’m 5 foot 6 on a very good day. My uncle at one point claims to be 5 foot 8 of which I am extremely jealous. At any rate my father (also 5 foot 5 and a half as he likes to say) had the opportunity to travel to China. He loved the country. The culture, the food- he was quite complimentary. However, a real light shined in his eyes when he discussed one aspect of the trip. What I remember most is that he said, very seriously, that he felt tall there. So I always had this dream to hang on to…I could to travel to China and be tall at least for a few weeks. But now I see Sun Ming Ming. And we all know the great Yao. I am happy that the nation of China has produced such basketball players but I am very fearful that my dream of being tall for a few weeks has been shattered.


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