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Announcements April 10, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Cats for Adoption!

Summer and Muffin are sisters that have been together for 13 years.  They were well-cared for in a loving home – as evidenced by their excellent health and affectionate natures – and got along well with several other cats.  Unfortunately, a sudden change in their owner’s circumstances forced him to move and find his beloved cats new homes.  Muffin and Summer are healthy, energetic, personable and loving.  They seem to like a fairly quiet environment, as they dive into hidey holes when they hear a sudden noise, but this may change as they become more accustomed to a new home.  They are indoor cats and faithful litter box users.  Summer and Muffin may be seniors, but should have many years ahead of them and give your house joy.  It would be wonderful if they could spend their senior years together.
Summer is a sweet, affectionate DSH spayed girl with a sunny personality to match her soft sunny orange and cloud-white fur.  Even cuter… the little “sunspots” (freckles) on her pink nose. Summer likes a cozy hideaway for her naps but comes running at the sound of the Fancy Feast or Tiki Cat cans opening and loves, loves, loves her food.  Summer will rub her head in your hand and let you know just where to scratch. She has been in her foster home for less than two weeks and will get even warmer and more personable as the days get longer and sunnier. Won’t you provide her with a forever home?
Muffin is a gorgeous DLH tortie spayed girl with a regal lion’s mane and little tufts of fur between her adorable toes.  She’s a queen and she knows it.  Once Muffin knows that you are her Lady or Lord in Waiting, and capable of meeting her needs as expert ear scratcher, beauty technician (she does love being combed!) and massage therapist, she won’t want to leave your side. In fact, she won’t leave your side – she’ll just move from one to the other so you can get all of the right spots.  Start practicing sending emails, navigating the iPad and doing everything else with one hand so you can keep one free for Miss Muffin.  She’ll give back all of your love and more.
Muffin and Summer are being fostered for the Montgomery County SPCA at a home on Capitol Hill.  To inquire about adoption please email [email protected] and look at http://www.mcspca.org/arules.asp for the adoption process through the MCSPCA.
Share Muffin & Summer’s Facebook album:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151536382574679.1073741825.576984678&type=3

Announcements March 25, 2013 at 11:40 am


The following adoption/foster request is from the Palisades list serve. Those interested in helping can contact Kim Deserio ([email protected]). Thanks!!

From: Kim Deserio ([email protected])

I am forwarding this message on behalf of a friend who volunteers with MCSPCA. She is trying to find temporary or permanent homes for several cats belonging to a homeowner facing eviction due to overwhelming medical expenses.

UPDATE on the 10 cats facing homelessness:

While the owner tried to negotiate for more time, he informed me last night that he has to vacate by this Wed., 3/27, so the situation remains urgent. 3 of the cats have found foster homes, but as of right now, the cats still available for foster or adoption are:

Muffin — DLH tortie, almost 13, indoor only
Screamer — DSH light orange/white, almost 13 (sister of Muffin), indoor only
Stripes — big DSH orange/white, M, about 8, mostly indoor
Skinny — DSH calico, 7, indoor-outdoor
White Socks — DSH grey/white, F, about 9, mostly outdoor
**Buddy Lee –  DSH grey, M, about 9, mostly indoor
**Speckles — DSH calico, about 9, indoor only

** There’s a family interested in Buddy Lee or Speckles — they haven’t decided which cat yet.

The cats all appear to be in good shape, other than some crumpled ears from untreated ear mites.  But they haven’t had any vet care in 6 years, so the SPCA would make sure they get physical exams, update their vaccs, and prob. run bloodwork on the older cats to see if they have any issues that need to be addressed.

In 2006, the MCSPCA helped the owner when he had 24 cats and kittens, by getting them all spayed/neutered and placing the kittens. Now he has been forced to sell his home to pay for the care of his elderly mother, and he will be moving into subsidized housing where he cannot bring the cats. It would be tragic if these innocent animals ended up at the county shelter, where there is a high probability that they would be killed. 

The cats range in age from 6 years to 13 years. We need help and quickly! 
Can you foster a cat or a pair of cats? 
Do you know someone who might be able to foster (or is looking to adopt)? 
Can you share this appeal with your email list? On your Facebook page? 

Thank you to everyone who has shared our appeal. Please let your mailing list know that we could still use some help.

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Replied on May 31, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Reply To: Shadow – Cat abandoned on my doorstep, needs home

My co-worker can also help. Let me know if you still need it. 202-280-9183