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Travel and Transportation March 6, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Used bike

Any ideas on where I might be able to get a used bike in DC?

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I like the guys that come to Georgetown market on sundays and Arlington Courthouse market on saturday. At least during the summer that’s what they do. I got my bike there and also took it back to them when both of my wheels got stolen. Here’s their website, hasn’t been updated in a while, but you can try the email: is a good spot; if you can’t make it to their store ping ’em to see when they’ll next be in the city (like they were this past weekend). 

If you’re willing to pay a $100-$200 premium for the convenience of going to the Gtown market, I guess they’re fine. 

So the reason most bike shops don’t sell used bikes [I’ve been told] is that you need a pawn license to sell any used products.  Apparently the process of getting one is difficult and time consuming, and most bike shops seem to do just fine selling only new bikes.  The unfortunate reality is that most Pawn shop bikes are either total garbage or likely stolen.  The two suggestions above, either Phoenix Bikes in Arlington or the Courthouse/G-town market, are your best bet.  Also possibly craigslist if you have some mechanical/bike knowledge and are willing to walk away from anything shady [also lots of stolen bikes on CL].

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