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Public Safety October 22, 2015 at 12:41 pm




MPDC reports another daylight robbery just before noon today near Lincoln Park:

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I don’t expect this trend to change, unless there is some change in the perception of criminals as effected by law enforcement, etc.

In the interim, we have to look out for ourselves and (hopefully) each other, and while small personal measures can’t prevent crime in general, they can improve the odds in our favor.



Another one:

How much do you want to bet the Vermont Ave. one is the same guys? I wouldn’t doubt them having a field day with this after the 5 last night that they got away with.


Maybe! I noticed a few robberies on Rhode Island recently (again, via MPDC Twitter) that all obviously had the same descriptions.

And you can’t just steal a couple of phones and stop there.

Unfortunately, though, I think the overall trend involves more than a few individuals.


I noticed four MPDC cars between 2nd and 3rd on F NE tonight (along with a couple from USCP). Couldn’t tell if it’s a thing or not.

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