Wawa is coming to DC, Repeat, Wawa is coming to the District!!!

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This is not a drill. This epic news comes from Jonah, who now is honored in the PoPville scuttlebutt hall of fame. OK – so every time we talk about what DC is missing – some folks mention Wawa. And they do so because Wawa makes delicious hoagies. So Jonah says we will find out the locations on June 13th: “They are saying unique restaurant style stores for DC customers.”



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  • YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!! I am wild with delight at this news.

  • I tried to get Wawa to cater my wedding. #gottahava

  • This may be the single greatest post in the history of this site.

  • I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  • I hope they come to Georgetown!

  • I never got this, why is this any better than Subway or Jersey Mikes?

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I don’t get it either. Wawa is a nice gas station. I will give it that. Is it somewhere I want to go out of my way for their food? No thanks.

      • How dare you sir!

      • SouthwestDC

        Whenever people refer to Wawa as a gas station I think they must either be a millennial or someone who didn’t grow up in NJ.
        FWIW I think the hoagies were better in the old days, pre gas station. But I’m still excited.

    • it’s better than Subway because the food is better than Subway.

      I like Wawa because it’s fast, it’s cheap, and their hoagies are solid. It’s the only cheap hoagie that’s readily available that has quality, chewy and flaky bread. And bread is the most important part of a hoagie imo.

    • They use actual meat…

  • This would be more exciting if it was SHEETZ!

  • As a devoted WAWA fan, I’m a little skeptical about this “restaurant-style” thing. That said WAWA is life.

    • I am hoping this just means a Potbelly style hoagie counter (plus coffee, pretzels, wawa iced teas, etc) with some limited seating.

      • The beauty of wawa is that they’re plentiful and easy. The sandwiches taste good for a gas station, but they’re not beyond that. Hope they still have all the other connivence store elements.

        • Yeah, this is my feeling too. And I grew up in Jersey, and never got the Wawa fetish. You could generally bank on an independent sub shop having far superior food. Maybe everyone who loves it just lived in a food wasteland without a decent sub place, or six?

          • SouthwestDC

            A lot of South Jersey is a wasteland, so yeah…
            I remember when a Wawa opened up four miles down the road from our house. I was thrilled that there was something, anything, besides other houses and farmland so close to us!

      • Same, I’m thinking it’s the market-style one (without gas pumps), but maybe with a larger coffee and food ordering area and a couple of tables. I just want my hoagie/sizzli/pretzel, no need to make it fancy

  • Call me when it’s a QuikTrip.

  • Is it April 1st? Whoever wrote this post needs to explore the greatness of America that is encompassed in convenience food marts. Amongst these titans of industry, Wawa’s is a glorified 7/11. Wawa’s menu for the tasting will consist of salty fried chicken fingers and Gatorade (hopefully served in plastic cups for a true Wawa’s experience). BTW, Sheetz beats Wawa’s hands down! Just in case you’re wondering, below is the official ranking:
    1. Sheetz
    2. QT
    3. Wawa’s (tie)
    3. Royal Farms (tie)
    5. 7/11

  • Um….is this event open to everyone?

  • I heard one through a coworker whose friend’s business is supplying some of the refrigeration materials that one location will be somewhere in or around Farragut Square.

  • Most of the responses to this post are so happy, that I’m now happy!

  • How exciting! Wawa’s is my favorite convenience store behind Bucee’s.

  • Yay! First Dunkin’ Donuts, now WaWa.
    Good things of the north come to DC :^)

  • I’m legitimately tearing up reading this.

  • Please put one of these somewhere close to 14th and P. There is a real shortage of quick sandwich places for lunch in that area.

  • Next we need Waffle Houses. 14th St should be the first location!

    • maxwell smart

      Only if it’s an artisanal, farm-to-counter, small-plates, localvore concept.

      • It is just a matter of marketing.

        It is providing a unique low country style of simple American favorites. Side or full orders of hashbrowns made in an easy to order style of fresh toppings. It is brunch all day, every day.

  • I’m overjoyed, but it won’t be the same for me if it’s not connected to a gas station.

    • They’ve only had the gas station portion relatively recently, growing up they were all just standalone markets. I remember how weird it was seeing the gas station version for the first time in high school

  • Wawa haters need to step off. This only arguing in here should be over what the best kind of Wawa hoagie is.

    • I’ve moved lately to getting mine on a bagel. Yes its not a hoagie anymore but highly recommend it. Turkey, spinach, tomato, parmesan, oregano, and honey mustard. Plus soft pretzels. And their iced tea lemonade. Unless it is the fall and then the Turkey Gobbler every time.

    • Chicken Salad toasted with buffalo sauce.

  • I’ve heard from someone who has a relative that works for WaWa corporate, that handles new store openings that they are eyeing the area around 19th and L Streets NW.

  • It’s one already here in capital heights. Why is this new?

    • Because that one requires a 45-minute drive. It works in a pinch, but if you don’t have a car or 90 minutes to kill it’s not really a viable option.

  • Blithe

    Add one more excited: YES! I’d love to have a WaWa’s in DC. Actually, I’d love it if there were several WaWa’s in DC. Great news!

  • Eh, Sheets is better. 🙂

  • Please, please, please let this be real!

  • I Dont Get It

    I don’t have a dog in this fight but I have a friend who is familiar with both who told me:

    Wawa=Car drivers

    You’re welcome!

    • Sheetz is always on the highway/suburbs. Wawa has experience with urban locations.

    • Blithe

      I’m not familiar with Sheetz, but when I was in college, I regularly went to the very urban WaWa’s as a pedestrian, and parking in the area would have been extremely tight. The subs were basic, but very good. I’d rank them above chains like Subway, Quizno’s and Potbelly, but below restaurant quality grinders.
      – Fun moment: I was in WaWa’s when I saw this very attractive older guy, who had amazingly gorgeous eyes. He smiled at me, and I grinned back. After I left the store, a friend elbowed me and said: ” You know that was Paul Newman right?” “Who?”

  • I see so many Gobblers in my future next November.

  • Folks, it’s just Wawa, not Wawa’s. 😀

    For those few of us who grew up in Delaware long ago, Wawa was our go-to convenience store. They were seen as far superior to 7-11 and Cumberland Farms.

    Their first PA store was 1964, NJ was 1968, DE was 1969. The first Wawa with a gas station didn’t happen until 1996. So your perception of Wawa as a fuel store is highly dependent on your age. 🙂

    And while as a Delawarean, I feel bad calling them hoagies instead of subs, Wawa has a decent product. (The isogloss between hoagie and sub used to lie somewhere between Philly and Wilmington. I suspect it’s moved south largely due to Wawa.)

  • I saw a Facebook ad late last week advertising Wawa jobs in Maryland and DC. I was confused since there are no stores in DC. I scoured their website for any evidence that Wawa was opening a DC store. I found nothing and my heart sank. This is the greatest news I’ve heard in so many days.