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  • This is great, great news. A perfect addition to our awesome strip. With Ben Tre and this, the mid-price range of awesome international food is taking off in Adams Morgan.

  • I really can’t see their prices being as low as they were at the original spot. Good food? Yes. But at least to me, the combo of good food and the price point made it even more attractive.

  • Happy for them, but sad they won’t be able to stay in the neighborhood. Will have to make a point of stopping in!

  • dcgator

    I had an Ethiopian cabbie the other day, and he had a wealth of knowledge on Zenebech. Apparently the first Ethiopian restaurant in DC proper…they bought the original spot for $50,000 (which backs up the claim). Also, he said they sold the spot for $3.5mil. Not a bad ROI, especially after holding it down awesomely for so long. Glad to see them coming back.

  • I couldn’t be happier! Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I mean, I’m happy they found a new place and all, but I’m so sad they are no longer walking distance from me!!!!!