“This random attack on a middle aged non-English speaking man is shocking and could easily have killed him.”

hiatt place

A reader reports Sunday evening:

“Yesterday evening I received a call from a friend asking me if I could come to her family’s restaurant and check out her uncle (I am in the medical field). I went over there and found out that her uncle, who is visiting here on vacation from Vietnam, was walking around 7pm on Hiatt Place (between Park rd and Irving St). He was approached by 4 young African American males and out of nowhere was knocked out by a punch to the face. He was further injured by hitting the concrete. Someone called 911 when they saw an unconscious man on the street. Before the police arrived he woke up after being unconscious for an unknown amount of time. He had a period of amnesia while walking around afterwards and was found near the restaurant. The only thing taken from him was an old phone (his money and wallet were not taken).

The assumption is this was a case of young men playing the “knockout game”. The victim did not know the men and had not spoken to them, The police filed a report and I personally drove him to the hospital to get a head CT for a possible epidural hematoma. When we arrived at the hospital we called his cell phone and a young man actually answered the phone. After I asked who he was a couple of times the man hung up. This random attack on a middle aged non-English speaking man is shocking and could easily have killed him.

Now just one hour ago I was told another man (this time Hispanic) was knocked out the exact same way. Apparently there is a huge pool of blood there right now. This is the exact same location, same time of day on successive days, and both victims were foreign. And this appears to me the knock out game that was all over the news last year.”

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  • This is making a comeback in SW as well. An incident last night near library.

  • These scumbags are playing a “game” that could end a life. Disgusting! Hope your friends uncle is recovering.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I wonder if this was within view of cameras at the fancy new condos and/or DCUSA. I hope MPD is at least looking into it.

  • But … but … liberals keep insisting the Knockout Game isn’t real!! This must be a scam.

  • But wait, I thought the Knockout Game was a racist myth!!!1!

  • Something needs to be done about incidents like this and the culture which creates them. We talk the talk about ending racism, but when it comes to calling out racism in DC, no one ever does anything. I have lived in Petworth for 12 years, and I’ve never heard a racist or threatening comment from my white neighbors or other white folk in DC. Meanwhile, I have been called all sorts of racist and other offensive names by the African-Americans in this city. I haven’t ever been attacked by white DCers, but I’ve been attacked half a dozen times by African-Americans. In 2011, I was randomly punched not far from where this incident occurred. Another time I was shoved off the sidewalk and told that Mexicans were not welcome there (and I’m Salvadoran, not Mexican, thank you very much!). Both perps were black. My boyfriend had a bottle thrown at his head by an African-American guy on North Capitol a few months ago, and was called anti-Latino slurs by the same bunch of guys. Let’s not let the white supremacists in the rural country get away with their racism. But at the same time, let’s not let the racism closer to home go unnoticed because we are afraid of being called racists ourselves for taking offense. Thank you for listening, it means a lot to me.

    • Well said, and I’m sorry you’ve had these awful experiences. Racism is racism no matter the race of the perpetrator – no one should get a free pass.

    • The racist and homophobic culture you and others have experienced is the third rail of DC politics and there doesn’t appear to be any appetite to address it in a meaningful way.

    • Completely agree. Most people aren’t aware, but people who appear to be of hispanic descent are frequently targets for muggins and violence in the city because perps assume they are less likely to go to the police. It’s both tragic and racist.

  • DC schools are out for spring break this week. Gonna be a lot of bored teenagers, some of whom will find unsavory ways to bide time. Be watchful and stay safe. I hope your uncle has a speedy recovery. What a horrible thing to have happen to him.

  • this is terrible.

  • Something very similar happened a couple of years ago in Shaw near S St. and 10th NW.

    • HaileUnlikely

      There were at least four or five attacks by large groups of teens and/or young adults on single individuals in the neighborhood between Coolidge HS and the Takoma metro this past summer/fall. I recall hearing of others in Shaw, Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant, and I’m sure there were many others I’m forgetting and also many others that I never heard about as well.

  • A person being attacked, having their phone taken, and a relative saying “I think it was the knockout game” is not evidence that the knockout game actually exists. Are you people serious? The fact that they took his phone is actually evidence that it wasn’t the “knockout game.”

    • It doesn’t really matter what you call this violence.

    • Are you saying that the knockout game does not exist, but if it did, this wouldn’t be it because his phone got stolen? Or are you saying that it does exist but this isn’t it because stealing phones isn’t part of the knockout game? Or are you just saying a bunch of different things because you think everyone else here is being hysterical?
      My view is that it might exist, and this certainly could be it, plus they decided to steal his phone once they saw he was out cold.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The fact that his phone was stolen is actually evidence of absolutely nothing. There is no indication that the people who assaulted the victim also took his phone. Maybe somebody else took his phone while he was lying there unconscious. Maybe the phone went flying when he went down and nobody actually took it. Maybe the guys knocked him out for the fun of it and then one of them decided to capitalize on the opportunity of the victim lying there unconscious to also liberate him from his property after the fact. We know basically nothing here.

  • This is exactly the reason the Mayor needs to stop work on the juvenile detention center being planned for 9th and Upshur. It´s going to bring violence to a newly vibrant community.

  • Judging from the DC Police’s twitter feed, there were a number of assaults and robberies last night involving groups of individuals (2-6 ppl). Not good.

  • This was a hateful, nasty, cowardly, violent attack. That’s all the description that is needed. Debating the existence (or non-existence) of a “Knockout Game” is pointless.

  • From an informed perspective, the knockout thing is real. Teens, kids and others think it’s funny to see people get knocked out or to see if they can land a one hitter quitter. People speculate that because victims in DC were mostly white that there must be a bias behind the madness. Truth is that other teens in schools haven fallen victim but may not report the incident. Victims of robberies often tend to be white so would people make the same assertion? Without concrete evidence showing hate/bias the crime is what it is an aggravated assault with a possibility of robbery after the fact. The same is said for non-English proficient victims. Political views have nothing to so with understanding. Juvenile group homes are all over DC amd most are not readily known. There is a Juvenile Detention Center on Mt. Olivet Rd, NE that has been there over a decade. That center is a revamp from the on that stood before. The center doesn’t bring more crime, welcome to a city. The District’s committed youth are actually housed in a facility in Laurel, MD in the woods.

    • Looking at what happened, what I see is that in late 2013 there was a wide and concerted effort in the media to label this a myth based on some research in the first decade of 2000s. But the current data from the past eight or nine years in the same formulas, now show it was/is not a myth,

      • Part of the question to be asked is what is the “game” aspect that makes it a “competition” of sort rather than an assault that will bring the least amount of criminal charges by not using a weapon?

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