Culture Coffee opening 2nd location later this spring at Fort Totten Square!

culture coffee
Original location at 709 Kennedy St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sharing the great news from the Lamond Riggs listserv:

“Good news! We have confirmed with JBG Companies that a lease has been signed for the last remaining retail space at Fort Totten Square, at the corner of Riggs and South Dakota.

Culture Coffee will be opening later this spring.

As those who were there for the very early days of this project recall, a coffee shop was one of our priorities and we are glad that has come to fruition and all the retail is complete.

Go to this website to learn more about the shop.

Please continue to frequent our retail options, which helps provide evidence that our great community can support even more, and a wider variety, of retail.”

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  • oh hell yeah

  • Great for them! Mrs. V is very friendly and their coffee selection has improved over the years.

  • This is big for Fort Totten. I drove by the huge new building that fronts on South Dakota to see if they posted anything about the 1st floor retail, no news yet. Fort Totten is on Red / Green line, relatively affordable with the right additions I could see the real estate heating up fast especially for folks priced out of Brookland, Petworth et. al.

  • samanda_bynes

    yay! love the spot and having quick coffee access down there is great.

  • Congrats on your success, Ms. V and Saundrell! And thank you for investing your time, effort, and money on Kennedy Street!

  • My boyfriend and I would frequent your shop on Kennedy when he (my bf) lived a block away on Jefferson. We loved Mrs. V’s friendly service and community engagement. Thanks for all that you do!

  • I live in the Ft Totten neighborhood and I am happy to have a local small business opening up in the neighborhood. While I am not a coffee drinker, I welcome another retail option to the neighborhood. Would rather have a coffee shop than the Subway that opened up on the other side of the Walmart.

  • Wonderful news and best wishes for your continued success!

  • im surprised. the staff is not very friendly and their events are too expensive for the neighborhood.

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