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  • I’ve always been disappointed with the way that block is such a cacophony of crap, when it’s one of the most historical sites in town.

    • It is that precisely because it is that.

      That said, it is getting a little better with the new building on the corner. I won’t shed a tear if Hard Rock Cafe ever shuts down.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Oh, that’s too bad. I loved their upstairs dining room.

  • In all fairness though, the food was not good. Wish they would have replaced it with a better restaurant instead!

    • Their hangar steak was one of the best in the city.

      • lol… that’s a rather dubious honor

      • Agreed. They changed ownership at some point and the food went downhill. This used to be my go-to place for classic steak frites with made to order Bearnaise sauce and it was divine. It changed ownership and with it went their french trained chef and I’ve been sad ever since 🙁

    • Are you serious? This was probably the best classical french place in the city. I’m a huge french food snob and it was always executed properly (unlike so many places in DC that decline quickly). So much better than Le Diplomat, Bistro Aucoin, etc. It as southwest french food with some SE asian flare, as opposed to the Parisian- or Breton-type french places in DC. It always seemed like I was at a small village place, as opposed to the city. They had hands down the best Cassolet I’ve ever had outside of the Toulouse area.

  • My wife and I had our engagement party in the upstairs bar. It was a great space, and they always remembered us and were kind to us when we went back before a show. This is too bad. All things must pass.

  • I remember when that space was Mike Baker’s 10th Street Grill. My sister and her friends all waited tables there. Before that it was Mondo X Martini bar. Whew, those were some crazy nights!!!

  • If anyone knows where else to get sautéed lamb brains in this city, please chime in. I used to go here for the brains and a plater of escargot in the wine bar upstairs. Nothing better, really.

  • If anyone happens to know (or can get) the name of this Schlocky Souvenir Store 😉 it would help me with what I do 😉 A phone # is an added plus; hours are Crème fraîche 😉 website … fainting. In no time it will be back to a bistro! (Thanks)

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