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  • I pass by this construction site on my way to work and at first thought they should have faced the banner the other way — so you can read it coming south on 15th from M, since it is not visible from K st looking north (blocked by other buildings).

    But this perspective makes it clear why they faced it south. Well done. My only recommendation is a double-sided banner next time 🙂

  • Whoever got the first pic with the Resist hanging over the white house, thank you! That picture will hopefully be all over the news.

  • This is Beautiful.

  • Wow, that’s pretty nice job on the optics from Greenpeace.

  • These people are heroes.

  • Totes worth! I bet they got great pics for insta and a new FB profile pic! Enjoy jail chumps.

    • With all due respect go F*ck yourself MCD!

    • I get what you are saying and while I may not be snarky in wishing them joy in jail, I also think putting this sign up is pretty dumb

      • I think it is pretty fantastic. Photos are flying all over the place – at least on my network sites. With our thin-skinned President, we need much, much more of this kind of thing.

        • So what exactly is the expected outcome for doing this?

          • Reminding everyone that the country didn’t vote for these policies (by a whopping 2.9 million votes), that the new administration has the opposite of a mandate, and that people will continue to push back because what’s happening isn’t normal.

          • I think the country is aware of the most recent presidential election. At this point, we’re continuing to pick at a scab and not heeling and moving forward as a nation.

          • You’re right, N, we’re not moving forward – this administration is dragging us all backwards to a time when women had little say over their own bodies, when racism was overwhelmingly accepted, when our LGBT loved ones had to hide or suffer the consequences, and when those of differing nationalities and religions were barred from entering the country or interred in camps.

          • And by hanging up signs and protesting, you think Trump will reverse course?

          • I think we need to keep up the pressure on Trump because he lashed out in bizarre ways that alienate his supporters. The more we can frame him as a mentally unstable loser, the more likely we can make politicians at all levels of government from going along with his agenda. It’s important to undermine his standing early in the presidency and frame him in a negative narrative before he can bounce back.

          • He’s already been framed as such.

          • You need to keep the pressure up. I worked on USG funded programs to undermine Milosevic in the 90s and this is straight out of that playbook, you stage events that make the leader look foolish and not in control. The biggest weapon against a mentally unbalanced narcissist is constant ridicule and reminding him of his impotence. Hell, we might get him to have a psychotic break on Morning Joe by the end of the month.

          • madmonk28, I think I love you! ; )

          • ha! I doubt it, if you were working in the 90s I’m pretty sure you’ve got about 10+ years on me!

          • You’re referencing tactics from two decades ago. Needless to say, times have changed.

          • So, N’s suggestion is to bury our heads in the sand until 2018. Checks out.

          • Madmonk28, that is awesome. I think I too might love you. 😉

          • I never said to bury your heads in the sand until 2018. I think there are more constructive ways to move forward as a nation rather than protesting (and destroying property!), putting up signs and pointing blame. What tangible results have been produced so far from all of these protests, signs and finger pointing?

          • I think Trump’s freak out over the weekend about the size of his inauguration crowd – which reports indicate was, in part, driven by the Women’s March – is a pretty good tangible result. Do you not think the Tea Party got results from their protests and other actions? They clearly did. Seriously, you do seem to be stating that we should all stick our head’s in the sand. The more ways we indicate we don’t support this guy or his policies – and this is just one – the better. And yes, protests of all types, do work in different ways.

      • I’m a Muslim and an immigrant. Let me know how you’d like me to heal.

        • By finding others in your same position and building a community which acts as a support network.

          • Hogwash. We don’t need to divide ourselves up into little activist support groups, and we don’t need to “heal” or “heel,” as N originally wrote. We need to link arms, no matter our race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. and stand up for each other. I stand with you, H.

          • So you want one big activist group as opposed to small little ones? 😉

          • dcgator

            actual LOL.


          • Blithe

            I hope I’m failing to fully understand your point. So, those of us in minority groups and/or with minority interests — with all the lack of clout that that implies — should hold off on our expectations of attaining our full civil rights as citizens, and any expectations that our government will protect those rights, and, instead, hunker down in our segregated, supportive communities and heal? Or heel? There’s a lot to be said for building community support. Limiting ourselves to “finding others in (our) same position” in a majority rules/winner takes all culture has some serious drawbacks — starting with lack of access to power. “Support” networks really don’t trump political power. Some of us have already experienced the joys of building communities with others in our “same position”. Some of us also appreciate the impact of Brown vs. Board of Ed — even in the face of that “all deliberate speed” thing.

    • You seem angry. I find that people often become angry when they’re hungry. Can I offer you some fresh dingleberry pie? Or would you prefer a turd sandwich this afternoon?

  • I initially thought this was idiotic and pointless, but must confess that the “Resist” banner over the White House would be quite an image, maybe an iconic one of the era, if anyone captured it with a real camera…

  • Love that top photo. I agree that we need it in high-res! Got a great view from my swivel chair, and it doesn’t look like they’re coming down anytime soon.


  • I just went on Google News and it was one of the first articles in my feed, so hopefully it will get traction throughout the day. The optics really are clever.

  • We shouldn’t be applauding these people. Whether you believe their message or not, this is incredibly dangerous, not only to them but to pedestrians in the area and the workers on the jobsite.

  • maxwell smart

    Between this and the new rouge National Parks Service Twitter account, I have hope that maybe we will see the shortest Presidential tenure in history.

    • “I have hope that maybe we will see the shortest Presidential tenure in history.”

      Highly doubt that President ends his tenure by 19 February.

      • A girl can dream.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          Be careful what you wish for. A Trump impeachment means a Pence Presidency and that may be even scarier.

          • I used to think a Pence presidency would be even scarier, but now I don’t. Trump is so volatile; I worry he could make an impulsive decision that would be catastrophic.

          • Pence is less scary. He is terrible, but not worse. He would also be significantly hobbled politically if Trump was impeached.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            From a national security standpoint, I agree that Trump is worse, but from a domestic policy standpoint, I think Pence is worse. Trump could isolate himself to the point where Congress won’t work with him. Pence on the other hand is a seemingly reasonable person (despite viewpoints I don’t think are reasonable). I think he could do some serious damage because he might work with Congress.

  • Brilliant! Love this!

  • anonymouse_dianne


  • Exhilarating! Reminds me of the late 60s! (I’m old.)

  • I totally agree with the message. Unfortunately, this is only going to embolden the crypto-fascist Steve Bannon to do everything possible to squelch dissent, hamstring the media, needlessly purge voter roles, deprive “maker” jurisdictions from getting their fair share of tax dollars, and generally put up even higher barriers to exercising your Constitutional right to vote.
    The days of American democracy for everyone are over. We are going back to a constrained democracy that we saw in the 1800s – only certain people allowed to vote, larger swaths of disenfranchised Americans, less direct democracy, etc.

    • Our Orwellian times will be hitting hard, yes.

    • Next thing they’ll do is remove DC’s vote in Congress.

    • dcgator

      Not if we, the American people, continue to resist and make our voices heard (by elected officials and by each other). Things like this make me hopeful, seriously—The NPS twitter account, the Women’s March, this Resist sign—they’re shots of excitement that give those of us opposed to this administration what we need to keep on resisting.

    • RESIST. That’s kinda the point.

    • I’m not sure Bannon needs any more emboldening. The only thing we can do now is resist, bitch to our congressional representatives (if we have them), support local jurisdictions trying to do the right thing, and put our money, time, and bodies where our mouth is.

      Donation to Greenpeace made!

  • Well Done Greenpeace! This is awesome!

  • while the visual w/ the white house is cool and i agree with the sentiment…
    I get annoyed when Greenpeace makes it more difficult for normal every day people to do their jobs…. like all of those working at the construction site. and diverting police resources. ugh.

    • the same could be said for ANY protest.

      • Exactly. As Popville said: this is DC. The MPD used to be quite good at protests (does anybody remember when buckets of roofing nails were scattered at MPD headquarters during the Vietnam War protests?). I guess now both Popville readers and “police resources” are too young to remember…and utilize the institutional and collective memories on how to allow Americans to protest and RESIST and just plain deal.

        • Right, I was under the impression we have police resources solely dedicated to handling protests because they’re always happening.

    • I know! So much more inconvenient than being a woman who has to drive 500+ miles to get an abortion after a rape, or getting shot while walking to the grocery store by the police just for being black. Those protesters are *so* inconsiderate.

  • DOW jumped over 20,000 for the first time ever today. But I guess we can conveniently ignore that and admire a sign. I’ll give them props that though- it was creatively done and definitely tough to pull off. Huge pain for everyone there just trying to do their jobs and live their lives but creative nonetheless.

    • The DOW also jumped, what, 11,000 points, or 140% under Obama? (Not that it’s worth discussing things with someone who looks at the Trump administration and says “at least the Dow’s up!”).

    • Uhh, the Dow is meaningless. Planet Money recently aired a story on why if you’re interested.

    • Let’s celebrate an out of date and generally useless index! The market is up on the threat/action of rolled back regulatory oversight, but it is a short-run view and generally we should all be worried about the health of the market in the long-run with the protectionist view espoused by this administration in addition to the the havoc that the rolled back regulations can have. Have we forgotten 2008 already?

      • Yes, the American electorate’s collective consciousness is the consciousness of goldfish.
        Likes shiny things, thinks Don is one of them since he is orange, can’t remember yesterday let alone 8 years ago.

    • I guess this is supposed to mean that as long as the stock prices are doing well, then there is nothing to complain about? I think the Republicans of the last 8 years would disagree.

    • This is an incredibly stupid comment. Doubly so if you were of an adult age in 2007-08.

    • It would have been cool to “conveniently ignore” the DOW in the comments of a DC neighborhood blog post about a poster hung from a construction crane in downtown DC, but thanks to your bizarre comment here we are. You win?

    • skj84

      I’m going to be totally serious here, but whose commute was affected by this stunt? I work two blocks away and things are chugging along like normal. I didn’t even get an alert from Golden Triangle about disruptions.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Right, because all those economic policies Trump passed in his 5 days of President are deiving the economy…

  • I love the guts, the image, & the message.

  • This is a beautiful sight to behold. Thanks, Greenpeace!

  • Wings-of-Pastrami

    “That’s dangersous. Get down from there!” -Mom

  • Electrify the crane. Like a bug zapper.

  • Active in the U.S. in the 90s, Greenpeace turned their attention globally to fight climate and other crisis issues. Glad to see they are back! No matter how long this banner stays up this picture is in the history books! Great work.

  • northeazy

    Resist the temptation to back to business as usual? Agreed!

  • Smilla

    This is terrific. It takes a lot of planning to carry out a protest like this, so I’m impressed that they were able to do it so soon after der Gropenfuhrer’s inauguration.

    Knowing the likelihood that this administration will charge them with felonies, this was not undertaken lightly. Bravo to Greenpeace and to the brave activists. I hope the donations come rolling in.

  • Those people in the Midwest who voted for Obama in 2008 and/or 2012 but then voted Trump last year? Yeah, antics like this are totally going to win them over. A lot of people here are confusing their feelz for actual effective opposition (which is the proper word — you are not the second coming of the French Resistance, get over yourselves).
    I saw someone post on here something to the effect of “if you don’t like protests you better get used to it because it’s going to be like the GWB years all over again.” As I recall Bush got re-elected. And unless anyone has a better plan than dressing up as vaginas and/or unfurling banners, it will be the same with Trump. And I say all this as someone who did not vote for Trump, actively lobbied his GOP family members not to do so and slept terribly with a knot in my stomach the night he was declared the winner.

    • I don’t know that they’re trying to win over Trump supporters. But all those people who voted for Hillary, or for a third party, or reluctantly for Trump, or who didn’t vote at all– I think a lot of them would go back to complacency, especially if they believe they’re not personally affected by this administration’s shortcomings and policies. The more high-visibility protests, the more these people will start to wonder if they SHOULD care and should start doing more.

      • This is visible to locals in DC and will be a 30 second story in the news that most people will forget about in the next week. I don’t think this is all that visible.
        I do like the #AlternativeFacts hash tag and other social media campaigns. They reach more people, last longer and will do more to keep relevant all the dumb stuff coming out of the administration. Ultimately, I think the Trump administration’s own actions (both bad and ineffective) will be his undoing.

    • There was a no vote agenda where a lot of non voters refused to give Hillary a vote until she came with an agenda addressing things voters did not like from the past which she never did. And she was just considered to be in trustworthy and a typical politician. The first female president agenda couldn’t overcome that.

      • And although those non voters may be the worst of the bunch when it comes to supporting democracy, they are the ones who can be motivated to get to the polls and change things if they don’t like what they see. People act like you can change the minds of the Trump voters or that they will see the errors of their ways once they don’t have healthcare, but I don’t see that as the case. When they picked him, they picked a homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, racist, and anti-science platform and no other party is going to offer that to them in total.
        Whether statements like this and the march do anything to encourage them to vote is another matter (I don’t believe they do) but it doesn’t hurt to keep the narrative going that people are opposed to Trump and what I think it may actually do is encourage more quality people with an opposing agenda to run for office because they’ll feel like there is support for them. Then maybe the people who just couldn’t bring themselves to be an adult and make a choice this time will be more inspired.

        • Dude, get over it. Trump won! The election is over. Maybe you should ask the “non-voters” why they didn’t vote, instead of pre-judging them. Your bias statement is the reason why Trump won.

          So they are not acting like adults since they didn’t vote? Lmao. Maybe they didn’t want Hillary as President. Not every “non-voter” have the same reasons why they didn’t vote. Neither candidate just didn’t appeal to them. Enough with this division bs.

          • Blithe

            “Enough with this division bs.”
            Mitchy? Is that you?

            After 8 plus years of deliberate destructive divisiveness you’ve had “enough”?

            I do agree with your point about understanding why non-voters didn’t vote — since there are a variety of reasons ranging from apathy, to voter obstruction, to what in my view is an inappropriate reliance on / inadequate understanding of the limitations of polls,. Sadly, I know of people who didn’t vote because they were convinced that Hillary was a “sure thing”.

    • … you’re seriously arguing that Trump won the presidency and GWB was re-elected as a reaction to liberal protests? All evidence I’ve seen from 2004 pointed to conveniently-timed terror warnings from the Bush administration and Karl Rove’s “traditional marriage” amendments in various states as giving R’s the edge.

      2016 is obviously still in focus, but data shows that without Comey we’d likely be in the first days of a Clinton presidency right now. These “antics” aren’t “why Trump won.”

    • maxwell smart

      I’m going to wager to say, the intent of these protests are not to win over voters; They are to undermine the credibility of the newly elected administration generally and Trump specifically. If the last 96 hours have taught us anything, anything that shows he didn’t win, that he is unpopular, he is disliked – it completely unravels him. Why are we still talking about who won the popular vote? Who cares how many people did or did not come to the inauguration? Protests like this will destroy his fragile ego… little by little people start to see this administration as the circus show it really is. This is how this protest will be effective.

      • You write: ” the intent of these protests are not to win over voters”

        but then later write: “little by little people start to see this administration as the circus show it really is.”

        So, basically the goal is not to win voters now, but to win voters later?

        At some point, we need to get more voters, by either convincing people to vote differently or increasing voter turnout.

        • maxwell smart

          Agreed – at some point we do need to educate and win over voters. But that does’t happen overnight. That doesn’t happen as a direct and immediate result of a protest. The protest sets the wheels in motion – it gets people whom otherwise would not be involved in politics and activism participating in midterm election efforts – it gets people to stop and take notice and ask questions.

    • Eh, I’m not positive we’ll be allowed to vote in 4 years.

  • Read your history! Protests DO work!

  • Just curious here- I know people want to see Trump fail but what good does that do for anyone? I get the hate for Donald and understand the angst I guess but I’ll be rooting for him personally. Kasich was my preferred candidate and once it came down to Hilary or Trump I decided to skip out on voting this year. First time I’ve ever done that but I really just didn’t have a dog in the fight at that point.
    IDK, I’m not saying these protests are stupid- I totally understand and support people’s right to protest. But sometimes I get the feeling that people actually want to see Trump flounder and this country suffer because of it. I think both sides are losing their minds honestly and people who blindly defend the left or the right need to chill out. You have Ashley Judd at the Women’s March saying things like “we traded Hitlers mustache for Donald’s tupay!” Then you have Madonna talking about “blowing up the white house” and people are cheering? How is that productive? It’s a sad state of affairs. People are throwing the “Nazi” label on others left and right these days like it’s a normal diss. That’s just crazy to me. If I were Jewish, I’d be pretty offended that folks drop that term casually now.
    I’m a registered RED but I’m also a sane, logical thinker. Trump does some dumb*ss stuff that I won’t defend. I think he also has some pretty shrewd business policies and am optimistic he boosts the american economy. Yet I feel like people will come at me for even having anything positive to say about Trump, why is that? Can’t we meet somewhere in the middle? Not everything is black and white in life- the reality is that there is a ton of grey in there. I just hope people can agree to disagree instead of these extreme stances that seem to be trending. I also don’t buy the “trump is dividing us” narrative because these divisions have existed for quite some time now and Trump’s election just hammered it home.

    • It’s the near-complete implementation of the system of autocratic social control described in the novel 1984 that has me worried. I actually agree with a significant chunk of Trump’s policies but am 100% terrified about how he will maintain and transfer power (or not).

    • Blithe

      I don’t want to see Trump “fail”, I want to see him resign. For me, this isn’t a policy issue, this isn’t a “winning” issue, this is a mental health issue. If Trump resigned, I would do my best to fight Pence’s policies. With Trump, I’m terrified that his impulsiveness, his apparent lack of concern for the probable consequences of his behavior, and his reactivity will have dire consequences. I don’t think that Trump “divided us”. I DO think that Trump is legitimizing the way that these divides are being encouraged in noxious ways.

      . In the past, — pre-McConnell, Cruz, Ryan…..– I felt that mainstream Republicans and Conservatives were concerned about the same problems that I was, but differed as to the most appropriate solutions and priorities. So that we could all agree that access to health care and high quality public education would be beneficial to us as a country — but might differ re: what that might look like in practice. It’s hard to find a middle ground, practically or intellectually, with people who believe in limited government with regard to things like consumer protections, but have no problems asserting their extreme personal/slash religious beliefs over what should be my/our basic human rights.

    • Trump has set the tone though. Throughout the campaign he was a hostile bully – very light on actual ideas and very heavy on calling people things like liar, loser, crooked, nasty, and the list goes on. So if rhetoric was ugly before, he’s given everyone the go-ahead to lay it on even thicker. So don’t be surprised if no one wants to suddenly gather round the campfire and sing kum-ba-ya. You know the only person he never publicly trashed in the last two years? Vladimir Putin.
      As for his actions, if all he was doing was implementing his economic policies, I’ll bet people could live with that. But think about what he’s done since last Friday – almost every act has been destructive. The only thing he wants to construct so far is that stupid friggin wall. Everything else is pulling out of this or that international arrangement or agreement, tearing down the credibility of our elections (the very root of our democracy), closing the door to refugees, taking down science, and what else am I forgetting. All of these things could be done in a way that are less divisive but he has chosen the most brutal way possible with no attempt to explain or justify any of it, not even a slight nod toward diplomacy or reconciliation.
      So while it is delighting his supporters it is intentionally antagonistic to everyone else. He has set the tone, and it’s a tone that can only inflame passions on both sides and it’s a tone that sows distrust. So even though I agree that the divisions have existed for a long time, Trump is most certainly and deliberately increasing them. Divide and conquer. Keep people agitated all the time. Classic ways to rule with an iron fist, but not a good look for what is supposedly the greatest nation the world has ever seen.
      TL;DR: don’t expect people to chill out (on either side) when the president of the United States keeps throwing gasoline on the fire.

  • Wow.

  • Absolutely Awesome!

  • Never give up. Never, ever give up.


  • Thank you. I am so proud of most of my fellow Americans.

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