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  • Tried to go last year when it was only Mockingbird on like a Tuesday evening. The line stretched around the corner with selfie-takers. The door bouncer put us at about a two hour wait.

    It’s a really neat idea but unfortunately it may be too successful for neighborhood schlubs like me.

    • It’s much better this year with all three bars hosting. I went last night and didn’t have to wait to get in. I was able to move between all three bars as I pleased, no problem.

    • justinbc

      If these bars could ban Instagram it would reduce the wait times by half or more. From my own news feed it seemed to be more like a brag “I waited this long for this DC ‘experience'” thing than any actual commentary on the quality of what was being provided.

  • I think I spotted Will Byers in that pic

  • I met a friend there last night, no wait at all. She was already inside and said ‘it felt like a college bar’ so we left and had drinks at Convivial which by the way had fun Christmas decorations!

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