Help! Parking Ticket classified as a “moving violation” resulting in doubled insurance quote

by Prince Of Petworth — December 1, 2016 at 12:40 pm 38 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I received a parking ticket back in September and since I was absolutely at fault paid it without delay. I had pneumonia, but had to go to UPS at 6th and Penn SE. I pulled into the loading zone and left the car there with my flashers on since i thought I was just running in and dropping the package. Long story short, there was one person in front of me and it took 10 minutes to drop the package. I came out to a ticket, which I deserved.

Anyway, I just got my insurance renewal quote and its double what it was last year. When I inquired they told me that my ticket had been classified as a “moving violation.” I tried searching the ticket number on the DMV’s website in the “moving violations” look up on the website and it said it didn’t exist, and when I typed the ticket number into “parking violations” it confirmed the ticket was for that.

I’m basically wondering if anyone knows if I WAS guilty of a moving violation, and if not, what I can do to have that changed with the DMV since its impacting my insurance and driving record.”

  • Lucy Chong

    i’m amazed that you were ticketed within 10 minutes, yet it took parking enforcement 2+ hours to come ticket the car that was illegally parked in my spot yesterday

    • Anon Spock

      Why not just call a private tow company? I’ve found it to be very effective in getting people to stop parking in your spot.

      • Lucy Chong

        Unfortunately, the three private tow companies I’ve called a.) will not tow without a DC issued ticket and b.) will not tow in my alley because they said the turn radius is too difficult.

        So, I’ve found getting them a $250 parking violation is the only payback I can give.

        Who do you use? Nothing makes me more angry than coming home to someone parked in my spot!!

        • Anon Spock

          It doesn’t seem like you’re getting any tows any time soon with that narrow alley. That situation really sucks. I’ll try to find the company’s name though.

        • TJ

          If this is something that keeps happening, put up a chain? We used to put a cone in our spot when we lived off P St. in Dupont Circle. That was effective in keeping the valets out.

      • Swdc

        DC law. You have to have the vehicle ticketed by MPD first, then privately towed. (7+ towed vehicles and counting)

        • navyard

          Ticketed by MPD or DPW Parking Enforcement? I’ve called MPD and argued for 5 minutes with dispatch before they would send an officer for a parking offense. (It was needed, I was blocked in and couldn’t get my own car out). But it makes me feel like I’m in the wrong. Will either one work (so I can just try for the fastest remedy in the future?)

          I would also appreciate the name of a private towing company in case it happens again.

          • Anon Spock

            Either is fine; you just need a ticket to get the tow. Mpd has ticket books for a reason.
            I believe district towing is the one I used previously.

    • Anonymous

      *I’m* amazed they could leave their blinkers on for 10 minutes and not drain the battery. *mumbles about my crappy car*

    • Hill Res

      They “hawk” that spot all the time (same with the Eastern Market street/area). The loading area mentioned is a cash cow…they just need to sit and wait. I rightfully deserved my ticket dropping something off at UPS back in 2013.

      Hill Res

  • Bdale Res

    Have you called your insurance company yet? Did they give any recommendations?

    • Mike

      Agreed. May just be easily corrected clerical error on the part of insurance company. Fingers crossed for you!

  • Anon Spock

    Moving violations require moving, I thought, so I don’t think parking in a loading zone would fit the bill.
    How to fix it? Maybe call, tweet, etc dpw and see if someone high up can help. I’ve never heard of this, but best of luck getting it situated.

  • Commentator

    Agree with others, it sounds like the DMV has it classified as a parking violation so this is an error on your insurer’s part. I’d work with them to get it resolved. If their responses is to claim that they have their own definitions and have classified it as moving regardless of what the DMV indicates, then I’d look for another insurer.

    • Jamie

      If it was in fact just a parking ticket as far as DC is concerned, the insurance company would never have heard about it. Every single administrative infraction doesn’t get transmitted to your car insurer. There’s not even a driver associated with a parking ticket. So,. since this was actually reported to them at all, it’s probably DC’s fault.

      And really, without any further information, on anything involving DC, it’s probably DC’s fault.

      • navyard

        “And really, without any further information, on anything involving DC, it’s probably DC’s fault.”


  • NoParkingZone

    Insurance doubling for one moving violation? I’ve never heard of such a thing and I (used) to get a lots of moving violations for speeding and such. They would increase my insurance but never doubled it, especially after one violations. Perhaps there is more on the OPs record that is causing it to go up? Also, the OP may consider shopping around a little. With so many options, good rates can be found.

    • Jamie

      Maybe the moving violation was “moving to DC”, my insurance rates doubled when I first did that.

      • Anon Spock

        Well insurance is priced by location, so I’m not sure what you expected with this level of density and car crimes.

        • NoParkingZone

          Maybe people drive really expensive cars or use pricey insurance companies? I have a brand new car, admittedly nothing fancy (VW Jetta) but my insurance is still only $65 a month for full coverage. It is registered and parked on the street in my NE DC neighborhood that has a high rate of thefts from vehicles/ of vehicles. Did people who now live in DC used to pay $20 a month for insurance? I’m from a rural state with little crime (Maine) and insurance rates are similar to those in DC.

          • anon

            Incidence/severity of collisions matters too, and DC (especially if compared to states) has less of a problem since people don’t have much opportunity to drive at devastating speeds. It’s also worth noting a HUGE amount of variation across car companies and depending on the type of insurance people are buying. If you have a beater and all you pay for is the legal minimum of liability insurance, you’ll save moving from MD to DC because the minimums are a little lower and crime is mostly irrelevant (because you’re only incurring them a cost if you hit someone while driving the car).

          • Anonamom

            Which insurance company you go with plays a large part. Shop around people!

      • Anonamom

        My insurance went down significantly when I moved to DC from Maryland…. insert joke about Maryland drivers here.

        • Deac

          We moved to NC this summer, and our insurance went down dramatically. We bought a second car in August, and after adding it to our plan, I’m paying roughly the same as I was in DC with just 1 car (plus renter’s and my wife’s engagement ring).

      • Planner

        And I was very surprised when my insurance went down quite a bit when I moved back to DC from Seattle. Safe secure Seattle.

        • Elle

          Yeah, but driving in Seattle is nuts. Stop and go traffic on a hill like Denny Way? Leads to a lot of dinged fenders.

      • aonanonaon

        Coming from Texas, my insurance rates dropped by about a third when I moved to DC.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      Agreed with this. Moving to DC shouldn’t do it either. I moved from Virginia to DC and my monthly premium increased from $60-$90. I also got a speeding ticket while living in Virginia, but the insurance company never said anything about it.

    • ah

      Perhaps lots of safe driver discounts that vanished as a result.

  • Trinidaddy

    How did they even find out about the parking ticket? It’s not entered in any of the national databases(lexis nexis, MVR, etc) that insurance companies use. I bet it doubled because you moved to DC, as someone else pointed out.

  • ParkingSux

    Just did a bit of searching. Loading Zones are included in Chapter 24 of DC Parking Regulations… that chapter’s name? “Stopping, Standing, and Other Non-Moving”… sounds like you need to make a few calls!


  • Anon Kirk

    If the road is a highway, then they can ticket you for parking on a highway and that is a moving violation. Its weird that parking is a moving violation, but I learned that lesson a few years back.

    • textdoc

      I was wondering if it was something like that — if being parked in what’s supposed to be a road is treated as a moving violation rather than a parking violation. (I’m not familiar with the UPS location at 6th and Penn SE, so I’m not sure if the loading zone is right on the street or off an alley or what.)

      • Anonymous

        But how do they tag it to a specific driver?

  • kittycatbob

    Insurance companies base your rates on your zip code. If the zip code you live in has a high rate of car thefts, car damage, etc, your rates will be higher than a zip code with less crime.

  • ah

    OP – do you still have the ticket and the violation code?

    Cross reference it to this list (link in reply) and show the insurance company.

    This is a screw up by DC, but the easier way to fix it is to explain to your insurance company and argue with them if need be.

  • seth kutner

    I would contact the DMV and get them to send you a copy of your driving record. You should be able to send that over to your insurance company to get the incident removed. If they don’t honor that try going to a different company that is willing to work with you! Insurance companies pull driving history from the DMV and will adjust the systems if there is a discrepancy.


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