“Finishing Touches” at Long Time Coming Beer Garden – Wet Dog Tavern

2100 Vermont Ave, NW at V Street

Thanks to Gabriel for sending to the PoPville facebook page:

“Finishing touches on Vermont and V. Can’t wait for the new neighborhood spot to open up.”

We’ve been waiting on Wet Dog Tavern since the summer 2014! Their facebook page says:

“DC’s 1st Bar Garden! Sports Bar · Beer Garden
in Washington, District of Columbia”


Stay tuned for more details and an opening date.

Back in 2014 in between Duffy’s and American Ice Co.

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  • Is there any truth to the rumor that it will be dog friendly? Or did my brain just make that up because of the name of the bar, lol!

  • Thoughts on us now having too many beer gardens? Are they the cupcake shop of 2016?

    • Better beer gardens than vacant plots/buildings. Doesn’t really bother me personally if some of them don’t end up making it.

    • Beer gardens aren’t as specialized a thing as cupcake stores. Ultimately, they are just bars with nice outdoor seating. I don’t think we are in danger of having too many for the the population, other than just generally having too many bars.

  • Oy – the proportions look completely askew from the photo above. The words/image should’ve been positioned a full foot or two to the left. But then again it’s just a bar.

  • Wet Dog!?!?!?!?
    How could they in good conscience name it that? It is no where near the historic neighborhood of wet dog known as Swampoodle!

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