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  • Hope that’s anchored into the ground or to a fixed object, or it won’t make it a week.

    • I think it’s been there over a week already. I saw it on Monday of last week (maybe Tuesday?) walking to the bus.

    • Jerry Grundle

      If it’s a “pop up” bench, that would seem to indicate that it’s temporary, one way or another.

    • There are a number of lose pieces of lawn furniture at Wangari Gardens (by Hospital Center) and at the triangle park at 5th, Quincy and Rock Creek Church that have stuck around for quite awhile. Hopefully this bench stays put as well

  • Yes, please! This is a big, beautiful park that’s totally underutilized because there are no places to sit. I go there with my dog and we basically walk the circle and then leave. Side note, the park could also benefit from a proper trash can. The one that’s there now is a plastic piece of junk that is always overflowing.

  • Permanent seating would be great in that circle and other circles/parks around the city. Rather than just a boring bench, each circle/park could have unique and visually interesting seating specific to that circle/park. I wish–this will probably never happen.

  • Such a nice park… I would use it more often if we had some extra benches there. Grant Circle is 3 blocks south and has a nice amount of benches. Wondering if the residents near Grant were the ones who got those for their park.

  • Brandon Todd came to the monthly parents meet up in that circle before the election, and my husband specifically asked him about putting benches in. He said he’d look into it, but because it’s federal, it is a bit more complicated. I would love to see more benches here.

  • 5 years ago there weren’t even lights in Sherman Circle. It was a dark, dark place at nighttime. It is true that the Circle is NPS land, and any official work there has to be coordinated with them. So while I would definitely encourage Mr. Todd to work with neighbors to get some more benches and nice landscaping in there, there is always going to be the additional burden to get NPS on board. That may put it lower on the to-do list for Todd since I’m sure there’s other stuff people want him to work on and over which he has more direct influence.
    I do hope that this bench remains, and I’d be interested in getting a few more in there.

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