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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Finally ordered the bigger bed! Decided to shuffle my daybed around for now as additional apartment seating and I can donate it later in the fall if I’m feeling squished for space. So excited!
    Rave: Amazing weekend. Lots of new friends. Lots of apartment decorating. Lots of finally being excited, after 3 years here, to really make a life for myself here in DC.
    Rant: So so so quiet at work today.
    Question: Cute guy asks for my business card at a friend’s birthday party on a Friday evening. I don’t have business cards for my new position yet so I suggest we exchange numbers. I have heard conflicting opinions about whether guy literally wanted business card or whether it was a “hey let’s meet up” thing. Opinions?

    • I Dont Get It

      Not being flip, and I don’t know the answer to your question as to his intentions, but I’m surprised to hear people still have business cards. Maybe I’ve been non-profit too long…

      • (That was actually my first thought too — like it was cute but who asks for a business card at 9pm on a Friday? Hahah)

        • In my experience, someone who’s really pleased to have his own business cards for the first time, and wants to hand some out.

          • Could be. But the guy was quite a bit older than me and fairly well established. Plus, he didn’t give me a business card.
            To be honest, though, no matter what the intention was I think he is probably wayyy out of my league.

          • Nooooooo. I don’t know you at all but I can 100% assure you he is not out of your league.

          • Aw, thanks kanon.

    • “Hi, great meeting you at Ashley’s Friday night.

      • … not Ashley’s. :/ But if you are a guy who also asked a girl for a business card, for pete’s sake go ahead and message her!

        • Sorry that wasn’t more clear: I was merely suggesting that you shoot this guy a text if you are interested in connecting with him. I had more typed out after the smiley, but it seems that none of that made it into the message. (Ashley was a random name I picked out of my random name hat.)

          • Ohhhh… Yeah, I sent something similar and very unassuming this morning. We’ll see what happens. He seemed nice enough to not be awkward if we bump into each other at future events and that’s not what he was going for.

    • Andie302

      This is funny to me because on one hand I would think – if he wanted to meet up socially he would’ve presumably said something…but on the other hand I LITERALLY had to say to my boyfriend “well, you should probably take my number” or he wouldn’t have initiated. It just depends on the guy I guess. If the dude is the guy who commented below, AND he’s interested – take this as a hint that she’s also interested and please set up a time to get together! And then please someone let us know how it goes 🙂

  • skj84

    Rave: Wonderful weekend spent with friends. Had a sleepover with my best friend, then hung out with a good group of people at a BBQ yesterday.
    Rave: As much as I love doing shows, now that I’m finished Friday’s performance I don’t have anything coming up for a while! I think I will just enjoy fall, maybe take a class or something.
    Rant: Went from barely getting any mosquito bites this summer, to eaten alive this weekend. I just want to sit on my front porch and enjoy the weather. Is that too much to ask mosquitos?

    Unofficial Popville Happy Hour is Monday August 15th at Roofers Union! Can’t wait to see everyone!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Our new sofa was delivered, and it’s gorgeous.
    Rave: My neighbor was critical of weeds in the side flower bed, so I parked in front of his house to establish dominance.
    Meh: Dentist today.

  • Bear

    Rave: So much progress made on the house over the last couple weeks. Repainted hallway and stairwell look fantastic, especially with the light fixture we brought back from Morocco and the new banister that I finished all by myself. Got the yard cleaned up, baby gear put away, and now we just need to slap a fresh coat of paint on the porch floor tonight and hope the appraisal goes well tomorrow.
    Rant: My body is very tired. I’m having one of those mornings when I’m really cursing the pregnancy-induced caffeine limitations.
    Nervous possible rant: If the appraisal does go well and we can take enough money out to put on the addition we want, we’re cutting it really close on timing considering that we’d have to get permits and our town council only meets once or twice a month to review requests. Whatever we end up getting done, it needs to be finished by mid-November at the absolute latest!

  • Rant: Brief periods of waking up coupled with seriously weird dreams makes for a rather unrestful night of sleep.
    Rave: But listening to a random owl hooting in the middle of the night totally made the sleeplessness worthwhile. Really made me miss living in the mountains of NC.
    Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit made homemade cannelloni this weekend which I had never had before. I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without it.
    Rave: So many soccer games this weekend. It was awesome.

    • Where do you live that you get to hear an owl hooting?! I’m jealous!

    • Homemade cannelloni sounds so amazing!!! Especially when made by someone else 🙂 Sorry for the off night of sleeping! Hope you get a full night tonight.

  • Rave: Phantom of the Opera was amaaaaazing. (Well, the guy who played Raoul was robotic and terrible, but apart from that…) I can’t believe the Kennedy Center allows pyrotechnics.
    Rave: The kid who only ever stops talking while she’s asleep was transfixed and silent for the whole show.
    Rave: Woodpecker on my deck this morning. Probably a juvenile downy. Tap tap. Tap. Tap tap tap.

    • Love Phantom of the Opera. Never saw it at the Kennedy Center but saw it on Broadway a few years back and loved it.

    • skj84

      The KenCen takes open flame procedure really seriously. The last show I did there had explosions and they had people on deck with fire extinguisher’s and sand buckets on each side of the stage in case of emergency. There is also a fire curtain that can protect against flames. If for whatever reason it seems unsafe they will not detonate pyrotechnics, which happened one night during the show I was in. Even though the effect was lost, safety comes first.

      • Do you think they warned the people sitting near the front about the chandelier? I would have peed my pants if I were sitting under it when they dropped it.

        • skj84

          Hehe. Usually there will be warnings if there are strobes, smoke on stage, fire, and gunshots. I wonder if there was an insert? I think with that particular effect traditionally there is no warning, since it would spoil the moment. It is very controlled, but once again, they won’t do it if it seems unsafe.

          • We were in the balcony, and the usher warned us what would happen and when, because, he said, he didn’t want us to miss it, as if that were possible! The kids still screamed, though. 🙂

  • Rant: Rough weekend emotionally. Kept thinking about stuff that caused me a lot of grief in the past. A bit worried about myself. Felt like I was falling apart at times.
    Rave: Will see therapist tomorrow.
    Rave: Getting new mattress and box spring and supports for bed frame.
    Rant: Planctar facilitus in my right foot off and on for most of this year. I am sick of it and need to see a podiatrist about it but I am tired of going to the doctor and I don’t want to take sick leave from work.

    • If you do decide to see a podiatrist, I highly recommend Dr. Beiser! He’s gotten me through two bouts of plantar fasciitis (the first one, I ignored for over a year and ended up in a boot for six weeks). He’s very thorough but not pushy – I appreciated that he went with more conservative treatments like taping and a night splint before moving on to a cortisone shot. Also his office has early morning appointment (I think starting at 7 am) so you might be able to go in before work.

      • I, too, recommend Dr. Beiser. I’ve been through a couple of rounds of PF with him and now this capsulitis issue with my toe. The slow and steady approach has worked each time. And I love his early morning appointments!

      • I really liked Dr. Beiser personally, but be careful with the front office. They billed me for an appointment a full year after the appointment took place (and long after FSA eligibility expired). When pressed, they just said “we just forgot to bill you, pay up.”

        Dr. Beiser was a great doctor though.

    • That’s an exciting third rave! It looks like half of the PoPulace decided to get new furniture this past weekend (myself included). It’s going to be so nice!

  • Rave: My college friend came to visit this weekend, and she was a miracle worker. The upstairs living area of our house is about 98% unpacked and settled in. There’s no way I would have managed to get that much done on my own this week.
    Rave: I have the best friends.
    Rave: I made it to work on time! I think I’m finally adjusting to the new commuting challenge.
    Rant: So tired. I could use a three hour afternoon nap.

  • Clueless

    Rave: Thoroughly enjoyed dinner at Red Hen last night; the burrata/corn appetizer is absolutely stellar.
    Rant: The main office printer is jammed and everyone is panicking!

  • maxwell smart

    Spent pretty much all weekend glued to the Olympics, and loved every moment. The cycling both days, but especially women’s cycling, were nail-biting finishes. I felt so crushed for USA. Made it a point to tune into some of the lesser represented sports. Personally, I don’t get into soccer or basketball, so was fine skipping over those in favor of fencing, canoe, etc.

    • I love the summer olympics. So. Many. Events. I can pretty much watch anything especially when interspersed with little documentary clip underdog stories, etc.

      • maxwell smart

        Yeah, I know a lot of people that complain about the NBC coverage and that there are too many human interest stories and interviews – which I don’t mind. These are athletes that are not household names like pro baseball and football. I’m fine getting to know them.

    • Same! I love that rugby sevens are an Olympic sport finally – it’s been awesome to watch the women compete!

    • It was a fun weekend. My daughter was transfixed by some random sports (archery, synchronized diving), while I rediscovered some old favorites (team handball, volleyball (regular, not beach)).
      Rant: NBC. It’s bad enough they tape delay so many things, but the number of commercials is ridiculous, and then, to insert these 20 minute human interest pieces during the few events that ARE aired live? Come on.

  • Holy shit, that’s a lot of shootings this weekend.

    • Seconded :/

    • I recommend you don’t check the MPD Twitter account from the past few days…. many more shootings than what’s reported here.

    • Given what goes on in DC, I begin to agree with the gun rights people that gun control legislation isn’t the answer, or not the whole answer, anyway.
      In an ideal world with all the LE resources, what could be done? Could each gun be traced to its point of origin? Then we could prosecute anyone who sold a gun illegally, and reduce the supply that way.
      How about taxing the bejeezus out of guns? Raise the price at the point of legal sale, like we did with cigarettes. That worked pretty well. I think I read somewhere that the average black market handgun sale is around $400. What if we quadrupled it?

      • A serious question because I’m not following the logic: How does one raise the price of a gun sold illegally? (I mean, aside from decreasing the supply — but the supply is already so large it seems that I don’t know how much impact we would see anytime soon.)

        • The majority of guns are sold legally, at least the first time. The manufacturers sell them to licensed buyers. What happens then runs the gamut.
          So if you make that first, legal buyer pay a huge tax, anything that happens after that is going to reflect the initial price. No one sells a gun at a loss.

      • Good luck dealing with the NRA and their paid-for politicians. If Sandy, Orlando, etc accomplished nothing of any significance wrt gun control…

        • Yes, agreed. But the tobacco lobby was crazy strong, and they’ve knuckled under to heavy taxes, in large part due to lawsuits by people who were harmed by their product.

      • I think we should be able to sue the ever loving crap out of people who own guns that enter into the black market and are used for crimes, or if you are a gun seller who sells a gun that is used in a crime. If we started holding the producers of guns and their enables financially responsible you’d see a rapid decline in gun crime.

        • But that assumes that we can figure out where the guns originated. It’s my understanding (although I could be wrong) that often the serial numbers on black market weapons are scratched off. (And what about weapons that are smuggled over borders?)

          • Guns don’t need to be smuggled from overseas. America is awash in guns purchased legally here and then used for crimes. In fact, it’s more likely that guns are smuggled out of America for crimes committed overseas; more often than not, it’s America’s guns that are slaughtering people in the streets of Mexico. America is to guns what Columbia is to coke.

          • OK – it was the 80’s, but I actually had a cop tell me I needed to buy a gun, and told me how to buy one. Super simple, go to a WVA gun store and ask someone to buy it for me.

      • That One Guy

        I was in a large box store that caters to the hunter/fisher type and walked by the gun display case recently. The price of the guns were ridiculously cheap at around $500. The means/ability to take a life should not be this low. I can’t say whether guns are price elastic or inelastic good but I’d support a stiff tax on guns if it meant moving up the demand curve.

  • Rant: Mtpbaby, what the hell is going on with your sleep????
    Rave: At least he’s happy during the day. Such a bouncy boy!
    Rave: Finally made it to the drum circle for the first time in ages! Had a great time with the kids.

  • That One Guy

    Thank you for posting that photo. Forget to look up sometimes. It’s been a while since I took note of what the night sky/constellations/moon looks like.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Productive and fun long weekend – hung with my mom on Friday afternoon in Cambridge, then book club, then Burnt Sienna, then an estimate on our front yard, then a trip to the river for boyfriends dad’s birthday, then home, then a nice bike ride to Hains Point last night, then dinner and a drink at Cantina Marina, then biked home. All the things!
    Rant: Mocha rolled in what I think was deer pee this weekend at the river. Whatever it was, the smell was intolerable. She got a shower with me this morning, which went as well as can be expected. At least she smells fresh!
    Rant: My boss is on vacation. Happy for him, not so much for the random crap that will pop up this week in the office well outside of my lane that I’ll cover for him. It makes me appreciate him that much more.
    Rave: Feeling well rested and ready to take on the week

    • Aw! Showering with the pup sounds like a cute and fun way to kill two birds with one stone! Sometimes the kitties contemplate climbing in the bath with me, but usually change their mind after a paw has been submerged!

      • Andie302

        Our shower doesn’t have a door, so the most important part is making sure I have at least one hand on the dog at all times. Not super easy to do while also trying to wet her and get shampoo on her, but she did pretty well! We normally don’t bathe her at home, but she was in desperate need!

  • Rave: SO had a talk with his brother about boundaries. He did not sleep in our bedroom.
    Possible rave: Had a final round interview where I met the entire staff and then they sent me a background check form. Optimistic, but trying not to get my hopes up just yet because I’ve been here before and it’s fallen through.
    Question: Does anyone know a brick and mortar store that carries men’s size 16 shoes? SO hates shopping but needs new shoes and I think he just needs a (very short) list of places to pop in and try some stuff on.

    • Congrats on both raves, SKT!

    • Size 16?! Holy sh*t, good luck with finding that size in a brick-and-mortar store! But, yay on your raves!

    • I would be very optimistic about the job!! Good Luck!!
      Re: the shoes, my step-dad is a 14, and my mom pretty much *has* to shop online for him. I think if you are able to get a list of brick and mortar stores, it will be a very short one in deed. I would suggest places like Foot Locker as opposed to department stores. She has had significant trouble finding anything other than tennis shoes for him.

      • The non-tennis shoes are definitely the issue. He can find tennis shoes okay, but other than that his shoe game is very much not on point.

    • Largest I’ve ever seen in a “normal” shoe store is size 14. And your selection at that size will be very sparse.
      Size 16 requires special ordering. That’s just bonkers.

    • Have you checked Zappos (.com)? I’ve never looked for shoes that big but my dad wears a size 7 and finds options on Zappos. Free shipping both ways so you can order a bunch for him to try on, assuming they carry 16’s.

      • Oo, I did a quick search and it looks like they have a decent selection in his size. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

        • Anyone with feet outside a narrow range of “standard” sizes has to do all their shopping online these days! It’s probably been at least 5 years since I’ve bought shoes from a brick and mortar. They used to stock more of a range but I guess there’s no reason to when they can just direct customers to their website.

    • Blithe

      Nordstrom’s might have 16’s. If not, they have them online, and I’m pretty sure that you can buy them online and return them to a store. I’d also guess that the store will arrange to have specific pairs of shoes sent to the store if he wants to try them on before buying them.

      • I have above normal size for women and Nordstrom Rack is great, but I don’t know what the top mens size is. I am signed up for big size events notifications from them, you might want to see if he can get on that list for Nordsrom or Nordstrom Rack. They have events where they bring in a wider range of sizes, for women it’s 5 and 11-12.

  • Question: What’s happening in Washington 20-22 Sept? I’m gathering hotel room costs, and they’re like $600! then decline dramatically on the 22nd. I can’t find anything online – anyone know?

    • Internet tells me opening of African American museum is the 24th…so I doubt that’s it ;(

    • The National Book Festival? That’s also on the 24th but maybe people are getting in early to do some touristing before these big events.

      • The dates J is looking for though are mid-week. I feel like there must be some kind of government conference/dialogue/etc. for hotels to be THAT expensive on a Tuesday-Thursday….

        • DC hotels are always more expensive during the week than on the weekends, esp. after school has started – business travelers are DC’s bread and butter.

      • Theres a National Book Festival?!?! That sounds like the best thing ever!!

        • You’ve never heard of it? It’s awesome. It used to be on the Mall but they do it at the Convention Center now. Lots of authors giving talks about their books, signings, etc. A great kids section sponsored by PBS too. The schedule is out with who will be there and there are some great authors.

        • I recently saw info on volunteering at the Book Festival (email: bookfest at loc dot gov) and I’m signing up 🙂

  • Rant: I have a terrible cold that I just want to go nuclear on with Sudafed and Afrin. But not recommended while pregnant :'( Humidifier, tea, and occasional tylenol for me.
    Rave: DH returns from his long-ish business trip tonight!!
    Rave: Baby has gotten really crazy big/strong/active the past week to the point I can actually see some movement from the outside of my stomach. DH is in for a treat–he’ll surely be able to feel something tonight/tomorrow!
    Rave: Although stuck at home with a cold all weekend and today, I love being able to watch the Olympics!!

    • You can take mucinex as well (just not the kind with decongestent) in it. It saved me when I was pregnant and had colds.

      • +1. Mucinex is always my go-to for colds.

      • I might have to do this, thanks!! My problem when I have colds isn’t so much the mucous it’s the swelling and then the trapping of mucous. So mucinex might help at least thin that. But what I wouldn’t give for ibprofen!!!

        • I’m pretty sure Afrin nasal spray is ok. And it’s a life-saver.

        • Also, the neti pot helped a lot too. If you can get past waterboarding yourself, it is a game changer.

          Can you tell I’m a person with severe allergies?

          • I might just have to give in to the neti pot. I’ve had horrible pregnancy congestion this whole pregnancy. I finally caved and started taking claritin in the 2nd trimester which has helped a bit but arghhh!!

  • Rave: my workload seems to be relatively more reasonable, for the first time in several months
    Rave: lovely, relaxing, fun weekend with at least a modicum of productivity
    Question: the last three visits my puppy has not wanted to go in to her doggie day care. Should I be concerned? Or could it just be that she associates it with me not being there and that makes her sad? I need to ask how she does and interacts but it’s kind of a cluster when I drop off/pick up, and up until recently I’ve always been rushing.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: In love with my new hair color!! I dyed my hair red back in college, but did a balayge/ombre with a brighter copper color and I’m obsessed.
    Rave: The Olympics! The gymnasts! The swimmers! Such an amazing evening!
    Rave: Finally bit the bullet and bought a new sofa (with sleeper) for the basement.
    Rant: Now I have to figure out where to get rid of the two Ektorps we currently have.
    Query: Anyone here need/want an IKEA Ektorp sofa (or two)? We have one brown leather and one cloth that currently has a grey slipcover. Willing to part with them for next to nothing if it means no couches!!

    • Bear

      We just sold our Ektorp on craigslist a few weeks ago – you’ll get plenty of interest. I think we even sold it for more than we initially paid for it, since my husband bought it off craigslist himself like 3 years ago.

      • FtLincolnLove

        My fingers are crossed! We’ve had the couches listed on CL for the past couple days and we haven’t had any bites yet :/ We usually have solid luck on CL so here’s to hoping!

  • Rave: Beautiful photo
    Rave: Got out for yoga and brews on Saturday, it was tons of fun and I’m really happy I went
    Rave: Had a nice time at my friend’s farewell party on Sunday, hoping he has a wonderful time exploring new countries!
    Rant: I feel like I’ve been needing more sleep but not getting it. I’m tired but can’t seem to stay asleep, which is a totally new problem to have
    Rant: I have either a scratched cornea or conjunctivitis. Either way, this is not something I can treat myself so I’ve got an appointment set up with my PCP for this afternoon.
    Rant: Feeling so discouraged at having spent / that I will have spent a large chunk of money on things like hospitalizations and medicines! If I’m going to blow hundreds to thousands of dollars, couldn’t it be for something fun?!
    Rave-ish: Trying to remain grateful in the midst of it, because I’m not dying like some people I know are, and because I have lovely, kind friends and family.

  • RAVE: Stranger Things. Omg, so so so good. The soundtrack is amazing, the writing is superb, and the actors are fantastic. The art direction is incredible, too. I recognize so much of my own 80s childhood. I accidentally watched 4 episodes last night and we will power through the final four tonight.
    RANT: The Duffer Brothers make me feel inadequate as an adult. And one of the show’s producers is the brother of an old friend. Nuts.

  • Rave: Finally booked those tickets to London, and ended up adding a long layover in Reykjavik! So excited.
    Rave: Slightly less exciting but I’m also looking forward to my business trip to Columbus later this week. Never been there before.
    Rant: Hard to concentrate at work when I just want to travel plan.

  • Q: Using Thumbtack to try and find some folks to help me finally dig all the weeds out of my backyard, lay down plastic or whatever so that they don’t grow back, and then I can put down paver stones. If Thumbtack doesn’t yield success, does anyone have any recommendations (Im thinking a handyman/woman or gardener could help me??)

  • Rave: Two hummingbirds hanging out in my backyard! I’ve been inconsistent in putting out the feeder (not around to change it every few days) so I wasn’t expecting any hummingbirds this year. Happy to see them zipping around!
    Rave: Picked 32 ears of corn this weekend, learned you can make stock from the corncobs (as well as corncob jelly). Corncobs – not just for the compost bin anymore 🙂
    Rave: Delicious overabundance of cucumbers this year – lots of lacto-fermentation activity in the future.
    Speaking of lacto-fermentation — anyone want a kombucha mother/SCOBY? The mother/SCOBY plus black tea with sugar = kombucha. Easy!

  • Rave: Bought a new and BETTER wedding dress this weekend! MUCH more my style and not looking like a lacy table cloth or pair of curtains. Even better, sold it on Craigslist for the exact amount I paid for it, and to a Marine who is being deployed. Makes me feel less guilty for selling it.

    Rave: While on a bike ride on the Mall last night, saw a little boy with sunglasses, a Popsicle, a plastic sword and a t-shirt that read “Best Day Every”. Best day ever, indeed!

    Rave: Jury duty for the first time tomorrow and am quite excited! I’ve always wanted jury duty, and it only took 13 months as a DC resident for them to find me. I hope I make it.

    Rant: Certain person who walks into the office and won’t say hi or even look at me, even though I’m right in her path and am the only other person in the room. I would say ‘grow up’ but she’s got a good 15 years on me.

    • Good luck with jury duty. I had it last week and it was very slow – they didn’t call a single person to a potential panel all day. On the other hand, they did dismiss us at 230.
      Bring books.
      Also, make sure your electronics are charged – there’s limited outlets, in the main room, anyhow.

    • fyi there’s a small quiet room to the right of the main jury room

  • Rave: Reunion in NYC with two friends from way back when. Short but very sweet.
    Rave: It’s August, it’s quiet at work, and I am getting more sleep and spending more time on myself. YES.
    Rant: So many shootings this weekend had me paranoid last night when there was a car creeping in the alley for a half hour. Not cool.
    Rave: Finally feel ready to take on some projects in the house. Excited for all of the potential and learning to take a chill pill with my constant sense of urgency.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The Southern Indiana Facebook Diaspora is very excited that US swimmer Lilly King is going for the gold tonight and taking on known drug-cheater Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova.
    Rant: Lucy is not eating. She will drink a lot of water on her own when she first gets up but then that’s it for the day so I’m giving her nutrition and Pedialyte with a syringe. Otherwise she mostly sleeps but doesn’t seem to be in pain or distress. Sad.

  • Rant: Airbnb absolutely sucks now. What started out as a good idea is now a soul-sucking corporation flooding the market and screwing with everyone. I was looking for a place for one night in Austin – found 5 possibilities, but wanted to ask questions – like what size is the bed? Because so many listings are maddeningly incomplete. They used to let you email questions, but no longer – it went straight to booking the reservation. When I saw that, I immediately canceled, but they are still charging me the $12.00 booking fee. Airbnb sucks.

    Revel: The next 3 nights we will spend in a wonderful house-swap with an old tenant of mine.

    • Andie302

      Was this with an instant-book place? We just booked things for a trip next month last night and did not have this experience. We sent three different inquiries, but none of them had the instant-book feature…so maybe that’s the issue? Sorry you’ve had such a bad experience – it’s literally changed our financial lives for the better and we try to share the love with our guests! We’ve found the local staff to be really engaging, and I’m very surprised they are charging you the fee. Agree that you have to wade through listings and some are very crappy.

      • Instant book? Who knows? It has become so difficult to sort through and communicate with the owners (which are increasingly not just owners renting out their place now and then, but landlords renting full time on abb for bigger bucks.)

        I’m glad it is working for you, though with over 1,600 listings for DC I’m curious how anyone ever finds you! I’ve rented as a guest 6 abb in the past – 1 great, 3 not bad, 2 not terrible, but lots more issues/problems/hassle than it was worth. I’ve also tried to search in DC for places for friends that I could not accommodate, and it was a horrible experience. 4+ hours of searching and inquiring – 50% never responded, others were just outright lying about the space or location.

        It is just so overloaded now, and many listings are incomplete and lazy. (What size is the bed??? ) That is what screwed me up this time – trying to just get some basic information.

        I’ve rented out a vacation apt. in my home for 10 years – 99.9% from Homeaway.com/vrbo.com but also listed on abb.

    • They charged you a $12 booking fee for something you didn’t book? That’s some BS! Uber annoys me in that way now too. Driver is 2 mins away, now 6 mins, now 10 mins. Driver appears to be lost. Driver cancels ride and then Uber charges ME $5 cancellation fee. Grgggghhh.

      • Yes! And I’m savvy about online booking. ABB no longer (as far as I could figure) allows you to ask questions before booking. Or maybe because my original credit card had changed, and I entered the new number, they just jumped it to booking. I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just pissed off that the stole $12.00 from me. If it were a street robber/junkie stealing $12.00 I wouldn’t care. But this is a mega-million dollar corporation masquerading as a “peace love and understanding” and “sharing” platform, when they are really just out to make as much money as they can any way they can. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just be honest and don’t sneak-charge me money!

      • HaileUnlikely

        You can complain to Uber and get them to cancel your cancellation fee when it is due to something like that. They will not refund your card, but will give you a credit on your account. I have done this numerous times.

    • I stopped using AirBnB after reading an article written by a guy whose father died using a tree swing at a property they were renting. The owners hadn’t realized the tree branch had started rotting. It made me realize you’re forgoing safety inspections that are required in the hotel industry when you rent from an individual.

      • Much as I’m annoyed with ABB – this story is kind of BS. It was a freak accident. I doubt hotels inspect all the trees every day. And most serious vacation rental owners (who don’t rent through ABB) are hyper-sensitive about safety and insurance.

  • Blithe

    Beautiful photo!!!!!

  • Rant/Rave: Mom has pulled the plug on her offer to pay for the kids to go to Disney. While this is crappy (to offer then rescind), this gives me just the out I needed to get out of a Florida vacation. It is also early enough to sway the kids toward wanting something else.
    Thoughts? Middle Anonachild would *really* like the Tom’s dessert wedge booties for school. I have a pair and she wants to be just like me. The kid’s version has a modest wedge heel, and part of me is like, oh, they are cute, what’s the big deal, while another part of me is like, heels? no way! heels are nothing but sexualization! She’s almost 8, I usually don’t allow heels of any kind, but they are just wedges… thoughts?

    • Meh, I don’t think wedges are the same as heels. Also, no Tom’s are sexy IMO. I think they *could* look a bit risque paired with the wrong outfit, but I think they’d be cute with regular 8 year old clothes.

    • I have the same wedges and I LOVE them! I can understand why she wants them. Would it be possible to get them for her but only to wear on special occasions? Perhaps some kind of compromise could be made? (I wonder if other kids wear wedges? I’m not really up with what the kids are wearing these days. Hah.)

    • I have a daughter about that age, and I wouldn’t. Heels, even low ones, are so bad for feet. (Corrective surgeries for high-heel induced foot problems are among the fastest growing surgical areas.)
      And while they’re still growing, I wouldn’t want to take any risks. Because you know she’s not going to sit and act all “ladylike” in them… she’s going to run around and jump rope and be a kid in them. Not worth it IMO.

      • Are they? I have highly arched feet and have always found heels much more comfortable than flats (I’m in my 30s and haven’t had any problems yet). There are measurements you can do to find your ideal heel height and mine happens to be around three inches. My relatives in Italy wear heels well into old age, and they live in a mountain village where you’re having to walk up steep rocky paths all the time.
        Not sure when I started wearing heels, but it wasn’t treated as some milestone where I became a sexy lady who could no longer play and do kid stuff. There’s nothing wrong with liking traditionally feminine things and people need to stop treating traditionally feminine things as inferior.

        • You have high arches; how can you really compare that experience to the experience of people who have standard arches or even low arches who are basically only comfortable in converse sneakers?

          • wdc said “Heels, even low ones, are so bad for feet.” I’m saying that is not universally true.

          • (My girlfriend’s feet are the opposite of mine, flat as a board, so I get that some people really can’t wear them).

          • Hmmm you addressed comfort not if they’re better or worse for your feet or body generally.
            Numerous studies prove the ill affects of high heels. All you have to do is Google.

        • Did I miss a lap in this conversation where someone said there was something inferior about traditionally feminine things?? I mean, I *could* have trotted out some feminist lit that says that, but Anonamom has a good head on her shoulders, and very likely takes these social questions into account almost unconsciously.
          First off, yes, heels are absolutely all about sexualization. The higher the sexier. Myriad articles/ studies on the topic, do your own googling.
          Second, my grandmother also claimed that her high arches made heels more comfortable. Fast forward 30 years, and she needed high-heeled bedroom slippers because her achilles tendons had shortened so much that it became virtually impossible to walk naturally. Kind of like Chinese foot binding.
          Third, the question was about a little girl who’s not even 8. Ankle strength and bone growth are valid concerns.

          • There’s been an implication that heels, being traditionally feminine footwear, are therefore sexy and dangerous. There’s just a different style of shoe, for crying out loud. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother though.

          • The achilles tendon shortening is like any other musculoskeletal condition that develops from having to compensate for having a non-ideal structure. I find that yoga helps stretch them out.

          • I didn’t pick up on the implication that heels are sexy and dangerous because they are traditionally feminine footwear. Heels did originate for sexual attraction reasons, and they are dangerous because of health-related reasons, at least for some people. That they are traditionally feminine is coincidental, not causal, to the discussion.

        • I have very high arches, and find heels to be very uncomfortable. And, after several issues with plantar fasciitis and other foot- or ankle-related issues my Dr told me to avoid heels (except some slight heel elevation with inserts if the PF flares up). I’m glad you’ve had a different experience, but I haven’t worn anything more than a 2-in wedge in years and my life is so much better for it.

          • I have high arches are used to wear heels, but mostly wear flats these days (more for aesthetic reasons than for comfort). Now I’m starting to get pain in my heels. Could the flat shoes be to blame?

    • skj84

      I don’t think a wedge, especially a Toms wedge is too sexy, but do agree with WDC about comfort level. Has she ever walked in any sort of heel before? I would be concerned about her doing normal kid movement without taking the heel into consideration. Maybe they could be special occasion wedges?

      • The notion that one has to learn how to walk in heels is silly and outdated, in my opinion. But yeah, obviously don’t have her wearing them to soccer practice or whatever.

        • I’m confused – was anon’s response supposed to be in response to the conversation above? I don’t see where skj mentioned anything about needing learning to walk in heels…? She just inquired whether she had worn them before in relation to comfort…? Am I reading this all wrong?

        • skj84

          Not outdated at all. I mean, walking in heels is way different from walking in flats. Some people can handle it and some can’t. I love wearing heels, but know people who wobble no matter if they are wedges or stilettos. One should learn how to place their feet properly.

        • Silly and outdated? Because walking in heels is such a natural thing that everyone should be able to strap on a pair and strut like we belong on Mama Ru’s stage? Yeah. No.

    • I wouldn’t– she’s just asking for it if she’s strutting around in wedges!

    • I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and general two cents some of which were… interesting (looking at you anon). To clarify, I was specifically thinking of these particular shoes, which normally I would be ok with (no, they are not by any stretch of the imagination sexy) but that because they have a small heel, I would normally automatically rule them out. However, when I was on my lunch break (work near a mall), I walked around and noticed that almost every single girls boot or bootie had at least a one inch heel on it, wither a chunky heel or a wedge. The exceptions were the ugg-type boots and these boots that look like something one would wear to a renaissance faire. So, apparently this is just how it is now, and perhaps my concern is misplaced.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave/Rant: If you are the person who left the overflowing box of full WATER-MELON-RITA cans front of my house, thanks?

    • I’ve been seeing empty cans of this all over the sidewalks/grass too! Is there a serial water-melon-rita drinker lurking around the city? Frankly I think the stuff sounds gross.

    • This morning as I was rolling out my trashcans I saw a guy sitting in the alley eating a big meal with multiple containers. When I was walking back he was finished and standing at the bus stop. Sure enough, his trash was still in the alley. I told him he needed to pick it up, but he just stood there scratching his crotch and ignoring me. Infuriating! Was there anything else I could have done? I knew the police wouldn’t arrive in time.

  • Rave: Best friend from Boston visited this weekend.
    Rant: We both managed to lose our wallets! I’ve lost my car keys which are also attached to a cardholder pouch thing this weekend – I thought I left it in the uber I was in but the driver said he didn’t see it. I was in Dupont – contacted the bars/stores I was at, filed a police report, etc. I somehow had my credit card and driver’s license on me at the end of the night – so the wallet/keys are essentially useless to anyone who found it…….


    • This sounds silly but did you both lose them at the same time? Did you get pickpocketed?

      • We did lose them at the same time, as I was holding onto both of our wallets in my purse! I also considered getting pickpocketed as a possibility, but we waited til 5pm the next day (12+ hours after we lost it) before canceling our cards and there was no activity.

        Since we both had our ID’s on us, it really is just my car keys that I want back!

        • Did you have a phone number in your wallet? Sorry it happened, but just a note to everyone – have a card with your PHONE NUMBER in your wallet!!! I have found 5 wallets in the past few years. One with $600.00 in cash. None had phone numbers. I spent a lot of time tracking the owners down. Make it easy for people to help you!!

          • No sadly not. A good samaritan actually mailed my wallet the last time I lost it (I’m really clumsy clearly) because I had my driver’s license in there with my address. But this time around I did not have my driver’s license – although I did have my military ID in there so there is SOME sort of identification if anybody comes across it. Ahh next time around I’ll be sure to put a phone number in there.

  • Need recs for dinner date place on Thursday. I can’t do dairy or pork, but so long as there’s something without on the menu, I’m fine. Thanks in advance!

      • Clueless

        +1 to Red Hen, per my rave above. There might be a long wait if you don’t have reservations so maybe see if you can squeeze something in? Another good suggestion is Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown – they have a mostly seafood-based menu, along with many other non-dairy/non-pork dishes.

  • Rave: Lovely, lovely weekend.
    Rant: Lovely, lovely weekends equal emptier than desired bank account.
    Rant: Waiting, waiting, waiting to hear back from last week’s interview.
    Revel: Life is so good.

  • Rave: Rachel, thanks, I think Freya’s pep talk really worked! DOG is walking all over the slippery floor and I am so relieved.
    Rave: it turns out you can stay occupied for more than three days in Juneau. It helps that we have locals who know the best hikes and lookout spots, I think without that and the social aspect we have with the them it would be harder. Everything is so green here and we miraculously got four days in a row without rain in a temperate rainforest.

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