At Last! Little Coco’s Opening by the End of August! Sneak Peek of the Draft Menu

by Prince Of Petworth August 8, 2016 at 9:35 am 20 Comments

little coco
3905 14th Street, NW

More good upper 14th Street news, at long last Little Coco’s is close to opening. For real – don’t let the rough facade fool ya – I peeked in last week and was told that opening by the end of the month is very realistic. Did I mention they have a sweet roof deck? You will not be disappointed – and check the draft menu too:


The transformation from Rib Pit Lounge is another staggering one – stay tuned for an exact opening date.

  • upper14thforever

    If i’m reading this right, no cheese/charcuterie board? Missed opportunity.

    • petworther

      Man, people here will complain about anything. This place looks great.

    • upper14th4awhile

      Looks like they will have a meat & cheese board, just havent picked out what will be featured (I am guessing/hoping it will be rotating). I will be interested to see what the happy hour consists of.

    • skj84

      It looks like its a draft. Maybe they haven’t decided what kinds they are going to offer.

    • Colhi

      Under Appertivos, there is clearly a blank spaces under Cheeses that shows they will have a cheese board but haven’t decided what cheeses yet.

      • Anon

        Right. The menu clearly has “cured meats” and “cheeses” in the top left corner, with room for the specifics underneath. So no, i don’t think upper14th is reading it right.

  • Grant Circle

    I was looking forward to seeing a menu of what beers they had on draft. However, the 1st draft of the dinner menu looks fantastic!

  • lizcolleena

    My mouth is watering looking at this menu!

  • Teddy

    This looks interesting, but the prices here are looking a little high for a casual neighborhood pizza shop. Homestead just opened and it is the same thing, overly priced food and drinks that are not great for casual frequent dining. I would rather have a place that served good food at reasonable prices that people in the neighborhood can actually afford to go to. $10 for a plate of spaghetti, $38 steak!! I heard one of the owners speak at the ANC meeting to get a variance for the space, he kept saying it was going to be a family friendly neighborhood restaurant. But what average family is going to be able to afford this.

    • petworther

      Maybe you can buy up some buildings and offer restaurants discounted rent then?

    • BlueStreak

      Yes, there had to be one. Without fail the person who has to post on every new restaurant post about how it’s too expensive. This is DC for crying out loud…

    • Anon

      I mean, this is obviously a big step up from a casual pizza shop. It has ingredients like ramp pesto and smoked peaches. There are lots of places on upper 14th to get good food at reasonable prices if that’s what you are looking for, e.g. taqueria habanero one block away. People want something slightly more upscale in the area too. I don’t think $15 for these awesome-sounding pizzas is out of line

      • eva

        Right? People complain here about there being too many Central American places in this neighborhood (hilarious given that it’s a neighborhood with a large population of Central American immigrants).

        And then someone opens up a restaurant for yuppies and people complain it’s too expensive.

        If you want cheap food, guess what? Your neighborhood is already full of it!

    • dcd

      It’s an 18 oz steak, FFS. Designed to be shared. If you can find a decent steak of comparable size for less, I’d love to hear where. And the half portion of pasts is $10; the full portion is more. But, for good quality, $17 for pasta isn’t unreasonable.

    • Anonymous

      I’d actually pay more just to have a few more nice restaurants on this block! I don’t mind the prices at all. Congrats Coco’s! Can’t wait.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Great menu, reasonable prices, amazing looking space (from my rubbernecking and peeking through open doors)…as a neighbor within a couple blocks of here, I’m very excited for this!

  • anon

    really excited for this new addition to upper 14th. my husband and I just purchased a condo at 14th and Quincy and were hopeful that upper 14th would continue to develop and gain traction as a great little pocket neighborhood. additions like coco’s are wonderful and we’re so excited to try it out.

    • anon

      Welcome to the neighborhood! It’s a great place. And it is really exciting that we are getting more good food options. I can’t wait for this to open – but the most exciting part to me is the COFFEE! That’s something that is quite limited in this strip until now.

      • Anon

        No kidding! My husband and I are hopefully optimistic that coffee will move in soon a great local shop would be perfect here!!


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